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Got Minor Injuries From a Car Accident? Can You Get Compensation For It?

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Accidents cause several losses, injuries, and even deaths of the people involved in them. Some of them result in minor injuries for which many victims do not bother claiming compensation. Regardless of the accident’s severity, you are legally entitled to sue for compensation for any injuries or losses suffered, no matter how minor, or significant they are. A Philadelphia car accident attorney can help you get justice for your damages.

Sometimes, the injury is deemed minor at first, only to develop into a severe one later. This is why it is essential to seek immediate medical attention after an accident and file a claim as well. 

  • “Soft tissue” minor injuries

Minor injuries caused by car accidents are generally known as “soft-tissue injuries.” Some common injuries are sprains, strains, contusions, and whiplashes. These injuries require medical attention to prevent them from worsening. Leaving them undiagnosed or untreated can harm your health and cause severe future complications.

 Medical Bills 

Getting medical treatment from health care professionals can be financially burdensome and even more expensive if you do not have health insurance. You can compensate for the financial expenses by charging a claim for the accident. In order to win the claim and seek reimbursement for your losses and injuries, it is essential to prove that human negligence was the proximate cause of the accident. The court needs proof that you are facing injury due to someone else’s negligent conduct.

  • Proving negligence

The driver legally owes you a duty of care. This means acting carefully and reasonably concerning the situation. Everyone must exercise the duty of care. 

To prove negligence, it is essential to show the jury that the driver violated the duty of care, which resulted in your injuries and other damages. In essence, the breach of duty of care resulted in financial and physical losses to the victim. If the victim manages to prove this in front of the judges, they can benefit from the compensation. Moreover, victims are encouraged to hire a specialized personal injury attorney to increase their chances of winning the case and getting the reimbursement they deserve.

 Limitations on compensation for car accidents

There are generally no caps or limits in most states. If you present a good case with solid evidence with the help of your attorney, you can get sufficient compensation. Many cases never go to court as they are settled outside by claim settlements. An efficient lawyer can protect you from getting manipulated by the other party, as they can negotiate a fair amount of settlement on your behalf.