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Did you know these three tips to avoid accidents with your car?

A car accident is never fun, nor is the resulting damage and paying the car repair costs. If you have dented your bumper, suffered deep paint scratches, or damaged your car in some other way, you might be surprised to find that the cost of car body repair can range from $ 50 to $ 1,500, and more. Today’s cars are lighter, safer, and have much better gas mileage. However, new manufacturing technology also makes body repairs more expensive. Although your insurance should cover your car repair costs, it does not always make sense to file a claim.

Know the blind spots

Remember that you have some blind spots around your vehicle. The area behind the car pillars and to the rear are the usual blind spots. Always be careful when moving in this direction, such as when changing lanes or backing up to park. It is not enough to look in the rear view mirror. Beware of approaching traffic from the sides, which is a blind spot in the rear view mirror. On roads that have higher speed limits, such as freeways, traffic from the rear is approaching very quickly.

When large vehicles such as trucks and buses are on the road, be sure to keep enough distance so that your car is visible in the rear view mirrors and outside mirrors of the vehicle in front of you. In fact, going to the tail of any vehicle is a risk. So keep a reasonable distance between your car and the vehicle in front. Going back is always tricky. Take a quick look to see if there is anything in your way first. Defensive driving may seem boring, but safety should be the primary consideration on the road.

Being extra defensive

Drinking and driving pose a higher risk after night. The rate of fatal accidents with alcoholism is nearly four times higher at night than during the day. Of course, never get behind the wheel after drinking, no matter what time of day. However, at night, it is a good idea to put your defensive driving instincts on high alert.

Fight fatigue

Side view of a young man with glasses sitting inside his car and yawning, one hand in the mouth, bright lights in the background – drowsy driving crashes are most likely between midnight and 6 a.m. Therefore, be aware that drowsy drivers may be on the road during these hours and be alert. Have some caffeine, stop in a safe area to get some rest, or stop for the night. Some drivers have reported other activities that can help – turn on the radio, roll down windows periodically to get fresh air, talk or sing, etc.

In the end

Driving at night is actually more dangerous. Fatal accidents are three times more likely at night compared to day. The main reason for this is that we cannot see that well in the dark. You have less space and time to stop. Some types of light can exacerbate the problem. Keep your car insured, and always rely on professional car repair services in Culver City. If money is problem, auto repair payment plans can help you ease the process.