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Essential Documents For a Car Accident Insurance Claim

A car accident can be stressful and traumatic because there are several damages to the vehicle and you, most importantly. The passengers are injured severely, including the driver; it may also result in unrecoverable losses and high medical costs. Even if there are no injuries, it is vital to approach medical care because internal bleeding or fracture cannot be diagnosed instantly after an accident.

In some cases, wrongful death is also prone to happen in the event of a car accident. Most people do not realize that even wrongful death can be considered an insurance claim.

Hence, a personal injury lawyer in Winchester VA, can help get a fair settlement as compensation for the losses incurred. 

Here are some of the essential documents that are required for an insurance claim:

  • Insurance policy

It is evident that to receive an insurance claim; you are advised to submit a copy of the insurance policy that you already have. If not, the insurance claim can become fragile.

  • Registration certificate

Typically how the registration certificate is checked when caught by the police for speeding is done, the insurance company may also expect a copy of the registration certificate at the time of filing for the insurance claim. 

  • Medical receipt

All the medical costs that the victim has spent shall be shown to the insurance company, so a copy of the medical receipt along with the medical report as a supporting document. Any medical proof of the injury can be submitted as evidence for the accident caused.

  • FIR report

A formal FIR should be received from the police after investigating the accident scene. A copy of the FIR should be taken and attached for the insurance claim to serve as additional proof for the accident. 

  • Repair charges

The charges you spent on repairing the damaged parts of the vehicle shall be included, so the receipt of the repairing costs should be attached to the insurance claim. Ensure that the original receipt is attached.

An insurance claim cannot be claimed easily after an accident. It is a long and complicated procedure that demands the help of an experienced attorney who can put in the hard work and build a robust defense with the available sources. 

In some cases, if there is no evidence of the accident, it can become hectic, but the attorney’s defense strategy may help. Hence, it is crucial to stick with the attorney, and following his instructions carefully is recommended.