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Your Kitchen Design Choices: Find the Best Habits

In contrast to interior design, the decorating service does not need much labor. Interior decorating, which does not interfere with the building’s internal structure, tries to maximize available space by experimenting with different materials, volumes, colors, and furnishings. Look no further if you’re seeking for ideas to decorate your terrace, duplex, or family house. In case of modern kitchen designs this is important.

Assign Your Interior Design Project To A Professional

Entrusting your interior design project to a professional means that you will be able to benefit from the advice of a specialist in trends, colors, and materials who will perfectly sublimate your interior by organizing the space, optimizing it, and highlighting your furniture and objects.

Make an appointment Diagnostics and recommendations for redecorating your home’s interior

The requirements for your project are established at our initial meeting, which takes into consideration your wishes, your inspirations, your demands, and your budget. During this can’t-miss occasion, we will have the opportunity to get to know one another better as well as immerse ourselves in the possibilities of your house.

We evaluate every factor when defining a style and designing a house that is tailored to your needs. Colors, furniture arrangement, exhibitions, we consider it everything.

Following this first meeting, we create a custom quotation that includes all of the services that we have discussed and agreed on together. Our pricing are computed based on the square footage of your house and the services you want to include. With Foyr Neo you can find all supports.

Research for the interior design project

Discover your new layout: furnishings, a design plan for the interior, we create for you a new interior that is designed to your taste, reflects your personality, and is, above all, one-of-a-kind. Using our knowledge, we put at your disposal a turnkey project that will meet all of your requirements as quickly as possible. We provide a shopping list, material and color ideas, and a turnkey project that will satisfy all of your requirements.

Implementation and monitoring of the development plan

It is unnecessary for you to contact craftsmen since we will handle everything for you. We will gather numerous quotations from artisans and specialists who are ready to assist you in the completion of your project upon your request.

It is neither a project manager nor a site coordinator; nevertheless, you may appoint us to accompany you on your project site as an adviser and to keep track of the progress made with the many service providers you have chosen. As a result, we will carry out the following tasks on your behalf: site inspection, weekly report, and financial oversight of your work.

Finally, we will assist and advise you throughout the process of selecting furniture and décor to meet your specific requirements, as well as throughout the integration of your new purchases into your existing interior. We will remain by your side from the beginning to the completion of your project, providing you with our advice and experience, as well as putting the finishing touches on your new interior design project.

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