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What Options Do You Have During Your Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Are you looking for a brighter and whiter smile? A bright smile goes a long way in creating a good social impression and improving your confidence. You are probably wondering which procedure will suit and meet your desired goal for white teeth. Sacramento teeth whitening includes different options to give you a smile makeover. You can benefit from Zoom whitening, Biolase laser, and Boost teeth whitening options to help you achieve a beautiful smile. Read the following discussion to understand how these three teeth whitening options work to improve your smile.

BIOLASE Epic™ Laser Teeth Whitening

You can receive teeth whitening with BIOLASE laser treatment which is more affordable and faster than most in-office whitening treatments. During the procedure, your dentist will measure the shade of your teeth and then apply a liquid dam to control messiness. Your dentist will then mix the teeth whitening agent and then apply it to your teeth. After applying the gel, your dentist will laser your teeth with the whitening gel. If necessary, your dentist may repeat some steps and finally rinse and polish your teeth, leaving them shiny and clean.

Boost™ Teeth Whitening

Treatment with Boost™ uses a chemically activated whitening gel to eliminate teeth discoloration and restore your brilliant smile. Your dentist will use two syringes during teeth whitening with Boost™. The first syringe will contain a percentage of hydrogen peroxide solution that whitens your teeth. On the other hand, the second syringe will contain fluoride and potassium nitrate that strengthens your teeth’ enamel, reduces sensitivity, and protects your teeth against cavities. Your dentist will mix the two agents to form a gel they will apply to your teeth to brighten them and eliminate discoloration. Although Boost™ can effectively whiten your teeth, you may require additional treatments to help you achieve a brighter smile and whiten extreme teeth discoloration.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening with Zoom uses a special bleaching gel that your dentist applies to your teeth and then activates with a Zoom light. The special light will speed up your teeth whitening process to help the gel penetrate deeply into your teeth, resulting in a brighter smile. Your treatment will start with a consultation session to assess your teeth and gums to ensure you are eligible for treatment. Next, your dentist will prepare your teeth by thoroughly cleaning your gums to remove tartar and plaque. Then your dentist will apply a bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide on your teeth and leave it for up to half an hour. Your dentist will then activate the bleaching gel with a Zoom light penetrating your tooth surface to eliminate the discoloration. Lastly, your dentist will rinse off the gel and repeat the procedure until you achieve the desired whiteness.

Teeth staining and discoloration are among the top reasons you may opt for a teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening usually aims to clean difficult stains and eliminate discoloration, leaving you with a bright smile. Most procedures are safe and effective. Your dentist can do them quickly to give you fast results. You will discuss with your dentist your beauty goals so they will determine the appropriate teeth whitening procedure for you. You can talk to your dentist about having a teeth whitening procedure if you notice changes in your teeth’ color and wish to brighten them.