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Expert Tips to Prepare for a Root Canal Treatment

Having an abscessed tooth is one of the worst experiences under the sun. The infection in the tooth pulp will lead to the build-up of pus that triggers a bitter taste. Additionally, you will experience tooth sensitivity, especially when eating meals at extreme temperatures. Worst, severe damage in your tooth can increase the chances of permanent tooth loss, thus ruining your aesthetic smile. You can avoid those concerns while saving your teeth thanks to the root canal procedure. Preparing adequately before a root canal is good, like any other medical procedure. Below are tips that endodontists from Compassionate Endodontics share to help you prepare for root canal treatments.

Ask Questions

To many, the mention of the root canal is enough to send chills down their spines. They think that the procedure is agonizing. Therefore before the appointment, you should schedule a consultation with the specialist and ask important questions. For example, you may ask about sedation options during the procedure. Knowing what to expect during a root canal will help ease the anxiety that you could have.

Avoid Alcohol

Do you know that alcohol consumption can intervene with the success of root canal therapy? Alcohol is among the known dehydrating agents which dry the root canal. The entry of alcoholic compounds into dentinal tubules will therefore inhibit sealer penetration. Besides, alcohol can weaken your immunity, thus retarding recovery after root canal treatment. Therefore, you should suspend alcohol consumption weeks before and after the appointment.

Sleep Well

Days leading to your root canal treatment, you should get quality sleep. Good sleep is essential to boost brain functioning, which alleviates anxiety. Optimal rest will also recharge your immune system, thus boosting your recovery after root canal treatment. Aim for at least eight to nine hours each night to achieve optimal relaxation before and after treatment. If you experience difficulties falling asleep, you should consider improving your sleep hygiene.

Eat Beforehand

After the root canal procedure, you will likely experience tooth sensitivity due to numbing agent effects. That sensation can make it problematic to eat after the procedure. Before visiting your dentist, ensure that you eat healthy meals. Load up your plate with fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system. With a stronger immunity, your body will repair the treated tooth effectively, thus speeding up your recovery.

Take Pain Killers

Depending on the severity of tooth damage, your dentist can recommend over-the-counter drugs. The idea here is to reduce inflammation before an appointment, thus reducing pain in your teeth. Follow the right prescriptions for these medications to reap maximum benefits. If you have allergies to certain medicines, you should inform your endodontist to minimize possible risks. Your specialist should also know whether you have an intolerance to the use of painkillers.

Root canal treatment is a smart option for individuals having abscessed teeth. During this procedure, the specialist will remove the infected pulps. Consequently, they will fill the pulp chambers with disinfected seals. This procedure may sound intimidating to many people. Fortunately, by making the necessary preparations, you ease the fears that you could be having. For example, you should ask important questions about the procedure. Skipping alcohol consumption will also enhance the success of root canal therapy.