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What Is A Physical Examination?

Your primary care provider is responsible for your overall health status, thus helping you prevent disease occurrence. A physical examination is an important test that your primary care provider will perform to analyze your health. During your physical exams – Midwood, your doctor will perform tests to assess the structure and function of specific areas of your body to determine the presence of conditions that may be hindering optimal performance.

What happens during a physical examination?

Another name for a physical examination is a wellness check. Your doctor will conduct tests to understand your health status and determine any developing concerns.

It is essential to use your physical examination session to ask your doctor any questions about your health. If you have doubts about certain aspects of your life that might jeopardize your physical or mental health, talk to your doctor.

Another crucial part of a physical exam involves patients with preexisting conditions. If you have a chronic disease, your doctor will assess your health to understand how the disease is progressing and thus appreciate treatment efficacy.

Why do you need an annual physical exam?

One of the best ways to maintain your health status is to examine your body. A physical examination can help you stay ahead of any potential diseases you may be at risk of developing. Your doctor will advise you on effective preventative measures to keep you safe from infection.

If you want peace of mind, ask your doctor about any developing concerns that you fear may hinder your work efficiency. Also, if you understand how your disease is progressing, it would be best to go for a physical exam that will analyze the functioning of your body organs.

How often should you attend physical exams?

It is essential to attend physical exams at least once a year. Your doctor will advise you on the frequency of visits, especially if they suspect an underlying problem is developing.

Although you may attend an annual physical exam, the tests involved during a physical examination may be specific to the physician’s specialization. Therefore, your primary care provider can refer you to another physician, especially for particular tests; for example, a dentist will test the progress of your oral health, whereas a physiatrist will assess your mental health.

How to prepare for a physical exam

The best way to prepare for your physical exam is to access all your medical history records essential in helping your doctor understand your overall health. For this reason, ensure that you have listed down all medications you are currently in because some ingredients may interfere with your body’s chemical composition, consequently altering results.

It would help if you wrote down all the symptoms you are experiencing because this information may help your doctor understand the severity of your disease. Do not be afraid to raise any concerns you are unsure about to your doctor because they might be challenging to detect but crucial in understanding your condition.

Schedule a physical examination with a board-certified clinician at New York Medical and Vascular Care to appreciate your health status and prevent disease progression.