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Benefits of Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

A positive skin cancer diagnosis might seem like the end of the world to you or someone you care about. Stress and uncertainty over whether or not you can recover from the illness can be frightening and overwhelming. In addition, you may have many questions for your doctor, such as what form of skin cancer it is and what your best treatment choices would be. Your doctor may suggest you see a Mohs skin cancer surgeon Stockton to get treatment depending on your skin cancer.

Mohs surgery is often “The Gold Standard” for skin cancer therapy in dermatological circles. Depending on the kind of skin cancer treated, Mohs surgery offers one of the highest cure rates and lowest recurrence rates. Whether you have been told that you need Mohs surgery or you want to learn more about it, the beautiful advantages of Mohs surgery are listed below:

Provides the highest cure rate

Mohs surgery is the most effective skin cancer therapy among dermatologists. Compared to alternative skin cancer treatments like radiation and surgical excision, the Mohs procedure has a 99 percent cure rate for common skin cancers, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

What accounts for the high success rate of Mohs surgery? As it turns out, Mohs surgeons have substantial training in both tumor removal and laboratory analysis. If the treatment completely removes cancer from a patient, the doctor can discharge them.

Fewer risks are involved with this method 

Standard surgery helps remove many skin cancers, which entails a surgeon removing the cancerous tissue and a pathologist ensuring that the specimen is cancer-free. However, only one doctor is needed to do both the surgery and the pathology in Mohs procedures. Due to this arrangement, the surgeon and pathologist will have no room for misunderstandings.


Mohs surgery has high cure rates and low cancer recurrence rates, making it a cost-effective therapy option. Furthermore, because Mohs surgery is often conducted in an outpatient clinic, there are no extra costs.

Removes less healthy tissue hence minimizing surgical risks and scars

You spare healthy tissue because of the accuracy of the Mohs procedure in finding malignancy. In this case, the surgeon may take less skin since he is confident that cancer will be found utilizing Mohs surgery. The Mohs surgeon will mark a paper (or digital) map if malignancy is found microscopically at the specimen’s margins. A small layer or “stage” is then removed from the patient in the operating room. “Microscopic mapping” is a method that can only be performed with Mohs surgery. If you want to minimize surgical risks and scarring, your doctor removes the malignancy with just a little bit of healthy skin.

If you have skin cancer, that doesn’t mean you should despair. You can do a lot to get on top of your situation. The Mohs surgery is pretty effective and worth giving a try. Talk to your doctor to assess the options at your disposal.