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What are the important books for OSCB Assistant Manager/Banking Assistant?

The Odisha State Central Cooperative Bank is most likely the best workplace in the government sector, and this ought to be seen from the beginning. Everyone attempts to work in the monetary business for different reasons. Regardless, there is an affirmation of government work in the current situation.

The decisions are relentless, and one may look at last to build an unprecedented calling in this industry. Here, the possibility of financial security will be by and large guaranteed. Thus, to succeed in the competition we shall discuss the important OSCB exam books needed for this exam.

Role of Books

For any competitive exam, it is necessary to be aware of the right kind of books that can help the students to prepare for that, and this needs to be noted with due concern here with absolute precision. It must be understood that students can follow their dreams of getting a government job at large with the right books. There are numerous reasons to consider a government job, and this includes stability and a matter of prestige to be seen as well in this regard.

The perfect books can make the candidate aware of the different facets of the syllabus for the concerned exam. With every year, the number of students competing for different posts is increasing exponentially, and this is a matter of concern to reckon with. Therefore, all of them tend to look for the best possible books available in the market and hence the selection of books is so important. Let us now explore the two best books for OSCB exam.

Books to consider

This is one of the best books to reckon with because here, one can find every detail that can help them prepare for the exam at large, and this needs to be noted with due diligence here. The major parts of the syllabus are focused on and plenty of questions are provided at the end that can help the students brush up their skills. Unlike other books in the market, this one focuses on the minor areas of the syllabus, which is truly intriguing to note here. But what is imperative and must be mentioned here is that only proper focus can help students succeed in this exam, and there is no alternative.

Subjects Name of Books
Reasoning Ability ·                     Reasoning book

·                     Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning

·                     Analytical Reasoning

·                     Test of Reasoning

Quantitative Aptitude ·                     Arun Sharma

·                     Quantitative Aptitude

·                     Quicker Maths

·                     Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude

English Language ·                     SP Bakshi

·                     Word Power Made Easy

·                     Wren and Martin High School Grammar


The role of books is thus understood to be of seminal importance in the journey of preparation for any competitive exam. Here we explored some of the essential books for OSCB Assistant Manager/Banking Assistant. It will help a large number of candidates.