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Some Common Challenges Faced By Couples in the Divorce Process

Every couple undergoes stress and conflicts before and after the divorce.  Some people believe that leaving the person they no longer love can resolve the matter for them forever. However, it may not be as easy as it may sound. Every couple has to go through several challenges after filing for a divorce. A qualified Sandy divorce attorney can help you throughout the process. Divorce is complex and needs advice from the expert. A few challenges faced by divorcing couples are elaborated as below:

Failed to provide all the details

In most cases, if any of the partners do not provide information such as financial details, income, tax returns and bank statements, the case is going to get delayed. The property and assets are an important part of the decision-making. If your spouse is not giving out the details willingly, you may face several problems. An attorney is the best person to find out these details because they are important in decisions for child custody and support.

Physically not present to defend yourself 

If any of the partners is not present in the hearings, the case may be handled in a default manner.  For instance, if a person is working out of the country or in military services and it may not be possible for him or her to present physically, the case can result in the default. The stats have shown that these cases can be re-opened and the spouse can be, then, present to defend him or herself.

Safety and trust issues in your marriage

The abusive partner can turn violent at any time. The same holds true for alcoholic or drug addict partners. Several cases have become prevalent, in which the aggressive and addictive partner has tried to harm another partner who has filed for divorce. Anger, revenge and rage can make the life of one or both partners hell. The best way is to ask for protection when the divorce process is going on.

Division of assets

This is the most common issue because one or both partners tend to hide estate details because they may affect the child’s custody and support.  An attorney can play a vital role in obtaining the information.

It is suggested to contact a divorce attorney, who can help you win the case and deal with the above-mentioned challenges in a better way. You can ask your friends and family for the best lawyer.