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Signs That You Need to See A Cosmetic Dentist

It is good to take one’s oral health seriously. A healthy mouth can lead to a healthier life. While it may be easy to brush and floss every day, it does not always remedy the issue of some cosmetic issues in one’s mouth. If you think your smile issues are impacting your self-esteem or causing severe discomfort when you eat, speak, or smile, it might be time to visit a cosmetic dentist. If you have any dental issues, you need to consult with a San Ramon Dental Excellence to determine if you can solve them through cosmetic dentistry treatments. The following are some common signs that indicate you need to see a dentist about your teeth.

Misaligned Teeth

If your teeth are not correctly aligned, you will need to visit a dentist for a consultation. Misaligned teeth can result from teeth that grew at different rates, were never correctly aligned, or became misaligned through an injury. With braces and orthodontics, your dentist can realign your teeth to make them look straighter and more appealing. This is a permanent solution for most problems with tooth alignment. The dentist may recommend Invisalign or braces to get your teeth in line. Even if you have healthy gums and a proper bite, if your teeth are misaligned, it can cause serious orthodontic problems later.

Stained Teeth

Your teeth can become stained through many things. Using tobacco, drinking red wine, eating dark berries, and taking medication are common causes of stained teeth. If you have pretty white teeth but still find they turn yellow or brown after eating certain foods or drinking coffee, there is a good chance that your tooth enamel has been compromised. You can fix this with whitening procedures, teeth bleaching, or professional cleaning. A good San Ramon dentist can help you improve stained teeth that affect your smile and health.

Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth, you should visit a dentist to discuss your options. Missing teeth can come in many forms, including one or more teeth falling out due to trauma, tooth decay leaving a space, or lack of adult teeth when baby teeth fall out at maturity. You may need dentures to replace the missing tooth or teeth. These are removable appliances that look like your natural teeth. You can get one or more dentures to replace missing teeth and enjoy a better smile. Crowns or implants can also restore missing teeth.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Chipped and cracked teeth can happen in a split second, often due to accidents. It is usually the result of trauma to your mouth and can cause pain and swelling depending on the severity of the injury. It would be best if you visited a dentist immediately to address chipped or cracked teeth. A qualified dentist will know how to fix cracks in your enamel and treat any tooth or gum pain. A cracked tooth can also lead to an infection and should be fixed soon.

In summary, cosmetic dentistry can help solve various dental problems. You may need to see a cosmetic dentist if you have chipped or cracked teeth, missing teeth, or stained teeth. Misaligned teeth are also a common reason for cosmetic dentistry visits.