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Essential Tattoo Aftercare Tips to Follow

Did you get a tattoo recently? It must be exciting to finally get the tattoo of your dreams. But you shouldn’t forget to take really good care of it. You should seriously follow certain dos and don’ts to keep your skin and the tattoo protected. 

Here are some essential tips for you.

Keep the bandage intact till it needs to be ripped off

After you are done with the tattoo, your artist is going to guide you on how long the bandage needs to be kept on it. It is normally advised to wear it till the entire area gets healed. Make sure the bandage is maintained properly and removed only after it is advised.

Do not use harsh solutions on tattoo

Did you just remove the bandage on your newly made tattoo? It is now time to wash that particular area with only mild anti-bacterial soap. It should be used for a minimum of 5 minutes to keep it perfectly disinfected. Do not use any fancy soap or ordinary solutions. Also, the usage of strong germicidal solutions is a strict no-no.

Keep the area dry

Always use a dry tissue to rub the tattoo area and continue it for 5 minutes to ensure it is completely air-dried. Do not indulge in any cream or lotion application for at least a couple of days. Contact with any form of chemical might affect its healing and can impact the original appearance.

Apply the prescribed lotion only

A professional artist will always recommend you an after-tattoo lotion or ointment that you can apply on the tattoo from the third day. You must follow the instructions given to you regarding its application. Maintain the timing and the methods to ensure proper care of the tattoo is taken.

Avoid swimming or sunlight

After having the tattoo, you must follow certain precautions. You should avoid taking the tattoo in direct sunlight. Also, it is advised to avoid swimming for at least the next 2 or 3 weeks. You also need to stay away from sour food, especially tamarind to avoid unnecessary skin reactions.

Don’t work on dry skin

Do not try picking the dry skin or scabs from the area that has been tattooed. It is common for this area to form scabs so should avoid scrapping them.

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