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One Comprehensive Visit for all your Dental Care Requirements

The oral health of your entire body is important. But it may become a challenge when you have to visit different offices for every schedule. There is a way to make visits easier for all of you; choosing family dentistry Falls Church, VA, as an option for your dental care needs. Imagine scheduling one visit to address all your family’s dental care needs! It will save you all the trouble and time needed to do different visits.

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry involves a primary focus on your oral health and hygiene at all stages of life. Your family dentist is one person who will understand all your different dental needs and address them right from your baby’s first tooth to your old age dentures. A family dentist may be different from a general dentist in several ways; general dentists have the goal of helping you maintain your beautiful, healthy smile. They may have restrictions on the age group of their patients. Family dentistry ensures the maintenance of proper dental habits outside their office.

How can you choose your family dentist?

You may need reasons why you should use a family dentist; they may include:

  • A family dentist will address all your family’s dental needs in one visit
  • Family dentistry provides several care services for all of your family and may offer you unique solutions

You may need to consider certain factors before choosing your family dentist, as this may be a personal decision. The factors may include:

  • The convenience of your location and time
  • The ability of your dentist to meet the dental needs of your entire family
  • The personality and approach of the dentist
  • Comfortability of your family
  • Past client reviews

You may then choose to see your dentist in person after settling on a decision.

What services can your family dentist offer?

There is more than one service your family dentist may offer for you and your family. They may include:

  • Dental cleaning and exams

You may need routine screenings to check for any dental issues before they can progress into further complications. Your family dentist may clean your teeth using a mechanical toothbrush and paste to clear any buildups and then floss in between your teeth.

  • Periodontics

Periodontics focuses on preventing and treating diseases relating to gums and tissues surrounding your teeth. Periodontal diseases are preventable if you maintain regular oral health practices such as flossing and brushing your teeth regularly.

  • Dentures

You may need dentures at old age or if you may have lost your teeth to other reasons. You may have partial or full dentures depending on whether you are missing all your teeth or just a section. Dentures are also advantageous in restoring your eating and speaking abilities.

  • Cosmetic dentistry

Your dentist may offer you cosmetic dentistry services if you wish to improve your smile and appearance. Depending on your desired oral health goals, you can have teeth whitening, veneers, or Invisalign®.

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