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FAQ About Vasectomies 


Vasectomy can be the perfect solution for couples who do not want children or have already completed their family. It is the most reliable form of birth control with 99.85 accuracy and has no significant side effects as compared to birth control pills. That being said, both partners may have their own opinions about the vasectomy process. 

It is essential to have a thorough conversation with your spouse before making a decision. The procedure can bring both physical and emotional feelings to a relationship. visit a urologist in Brooklyn New York, and get your doubts cleared. 

FAQ about vasectomies 

  • Does a vasectomy make a man lose his sexual ability?

No. A vasectomy does not bring any difference to a man’s sexual ability. You will be able to perform sexually the same way as you did before the surgery. It neither makes him weak nor causes any interference to his erections and ejaculations. In fact, a man may be able to perform better because he won’t have to worry about accidentally impregnating his partner. 

  • Is a vasectomy 100% effective?

A vasectomy is not rated 100% effective, but it sure does come close. No contraceptive in the world can give you a full guarantee, but it may be a relief to know that vasectomies are 99.85% accurate. There is only a slight and negligible chance of pregnancy after vasectomy, with around 1 out of 2000 people getting pregnant. 

  • Does a vasectomy hurt?

Before the vasectomy procedure, the doctor gives the patient local anesthesia. Therefore, they do not feel any pain during the procedure. You may feel some pulling sensation on your scrotum, but that is it. The recovery period is easy and short-lived as well. After the procedure, you may experience swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort for up to a week. 

  • Do you need to use another form of contraceptive after a vasectomy?

Generally no. A successful vasectomy procedure is enough to last a lifetime without impregnating the female partner. However, one must still use another contraceptive for the first three months of the surgery. This is because the surgery takes a few months to become effective. 

Pregnancies after vasectomy mostly only happen when people start relying on the procedure from day one. 

  • How safe is a vasectomy?

Every medical procedure has a few side effects and some risks of complications. You would have to accept these things if you are considering the surgery. These risks and side effects are usually discussed during your consultation with the urologist.