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Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening

Nothing gave someone high self-esteem and boosted confidence than a gleaming-white smile. Unfortunately, some factors can take the perfect smile away from you, limiting your life. However, there are multiple ways you can achieve a whiter smile when you work with experts like the teeth whitening Beaumont specialists. You can remove surface stains and discoloration to restore the beauty of your teeth and reclaim your confidence. But many products and remedies exist with myths, so it is necessary to understand teeth whitening. Here are some enlightening points for you.

Tooth Sensitivity is Expected After Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you are ready for a tooth whitening treatment, understand that it is normal to experience tooth sensitivity even if your teeth are usually not sensitive. Many factors are to blame for those with sensitive teeth, including genetics, fine cracks, and thin enamel. Your dentist should consider this during your initial concentration and know that you can expect sensitivity after your treatment. Despite that, sensitivity after teeth whitening is fairly common since the active chemicals in your treatment affect your teeth’ hydration, causing nerve insulation problems. But sensitivity goes away after the first few days after your treatment.

More Sessions Can Be Required

Teeth whitening is not an instant miracle. If you come across products or remedies promising you that, save your money. When considering teeth whitening, better be prepared that one session might not be enough for you. Although it depends on the level of staining and discoloration, it might even take months to achieve your desired results. Understand that you will be fighting against stains attained over years or decades. Therefore, the patient is critical when seeking teeth whitening treatment.

Your Teeth are More Vulnerable to Staining After Teeth Whitening

When you get teeth whitening treatment, you should take extra caution, like avoiding eating anything since your teeth are more vulnerable to staining than before. Your teeth have pores just like your skin which are exposed after teeth whitening and can let stains in. ensure you schedule your teeth whitening treatment appointment at an appropriate time where you can fast and maybe sleep to allow your teeth enough time to replenish before you can pass foods and drinks in your lips.

Stains on Crowns and Veneers Cannot Be Removed.

When you get dental appliances like veneers and crowns, it is necessary to take extra precautions to avoid staining or discoloration as it cannot be reversed. The appliances do not have pores like your natural teeth; therefore, the staining can be permanent. Remember that the crown or the veneer will be customized to match your natural teeth’ color, which cannot be changed once they are fixed. Therefore, you better undergo teeth whitening treatment before having the crowns or veneers fixed.

Custom Fitted Trays Make the Difference

When you seek professional teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will send you home with a take-home whitening kit that includes custom-made trays with your teeth’s impressions. This makes the difference from over-the-counter trays as they ensure that every corner of your teeth is covered regardless of their angle. Therefore, your teeth whitening results will be even.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, please consult the teeth whitening specialists at Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental for more information. Make a call or use the online tool to book your appointment.