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What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

When you come across a picture, the beautiful appearance attracts you to the photo. In the same way, when you meet a person, the first thing you will note is your smile. A smile is only made beautiful if you have dazzling teeth. People with colored teeth always wear gloomy faces since they lack the confidence to smile. However, getting a specialist who will transform your teeth appearance to make your smile sparkle is hard. Bogota Dental Center has your back if you have colored teeth and require transformation. The team at the facility is experienced in transforming your teeth to give you a bright smile. Create your own happiness by seeking a simple rejuvenation.

Teeth Whitening Does Not Damage the Teeth

Teeth are delicate and require proper care for them to give you the required service. You should handle your teeth carefully, including gentle brushing and flossing to prevent damage. However, going for teeth whitening is safe and effective since professionals perform the procedure. The ingredients used to perform the procedure are safe when used effectively and help remove the stains.

Veneers And Artificial Caps Cannot Be Whitened

Teeth whitening is effective on natural teeth since artificial teeth do not stain. The material used to make veneers and implants is strong and non-porous and therefore cannot discolor. Since the material of the veneers cannot stain, it is impossible to whiten it to a new state.

Not Every Teeth Can Whiten to Perfection

The color of the teeth occurs during childbirth. If your teeth develop and assume a white color, they will maintain the same color even after whitening. The original color of the teeth is maintained after teeth whitening. If your teeth are not white, they cannot improve even after whitening.

The Teeth Are Sponge-Like

When you consume any colored substance, your teeth can absorb them through the pores available on the surface. Various substances such as smoking, drinking wine, coffee, and other colored substances lead to staining the teeth when they are absorbed. Discolored teeth occur due to prolonged use of these substances. These substances require professional care to remove the stain and leave your teeth sparkling white.

Teeth Whitening Procedure Takes Some Time

Teeth whitening is not a one-day procedure. You will have to undergo several sessions for you to achieve the desired result. The procedure will also depend on the intensity of your stains. The more stained teeth, the longer it will take to achieve the results. The ingredients available effectively remove stains that have built up over the years. When performed by a specialist, the process is safe and effective.

A smile is what people notice when they meet you. People with colored teeth lack the confidence to give a good smile since they do not have the confidence in how they look. However, there is hope for people with colored teeth since the team is experienced in teeth whitening at the facility and will ensure you have a bright smile. You can start by planning an online consultation or calling their office today.