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Importance of Urinalysis

Urine is a liquid released from the body as one of the waste elimination mechanisms. Urination allows you to get rid of excess water and salts from the body. The urine, though a waste product, is helpful in diagnosis. Doctors will require that you provide a urine sample during your routine check-up and when they suspect that you are suffering from certain conditions. The process of checking and analyzing components of the urine sample is called urinalysis. Sugar Land urinalysis services to allow you to evaluate the various components of urine to diagnose and track diseases. Here, you will understand the importance of urinalysis.

Function of Urinalysis

The test allows the doctors to analyze the color of your urine. The urine color can determine whether you have an infection or not. Besides, the test analyses the components of your urine to ascertain the proper functioning of specific organs. In addition to analyzing the appearance and elements, urinalysis has the following essential functions;

  • Screening

The healthcare provider will recommend the test to analyze whether you are healthy or not, even when you do not have any signs and symptoms. If the doctor carries out urinalysis during your routine medical examination, they will manage to catch the onset of infection of kidney-related conditions. Early detection of diseases and disorders creates an opportunity to get treatment before symptoms manifest. A urine test also allows you to establish whether you are pregnant or not if you are a woman. For patients undergoing surgery, a urinalysis will inform the healthcare provider whether they have health issues that will put them at risk during the procedure.

  • Tracking Infections and Diseases

Urinalysis supplies your doctor with crucial information regarding diabetes and kidney infection conditions. If you live with a condition affecting the performance of the kidneys, the doctor will require you to undergo regular urinalysis. The results will help them track if you are responding better to medication or do they need additional interventions to control the advancement of the disease.

  • Diagnosis

If you go to the doctor complaining of changes in your frequency of urination and the appearance of the urine, the doctor will require you to undergo a urinalysis. The test as a diagnostic tool allows the doctor to track different chemical components in the urine. If there is variation in one or multiple pieces, they will accurately diagnose an infection of diseases affecting the urinary system.

Components Evaluated During Urinalysis

The urine has diverse components that should remain in optimal measures and levels for a healthy person. Urinalysis detects analysis of the following components:

  • Clarity of the urine
  • Color of the urine
  • Foam content
  • Smell
  • Disease-causing microorganisms
  • Yeast and parasites
  • Blood cells
  • Urinary crystals
  • Presence of sperms

Anybody can undergo urinalysis regardless of whether they are sick or not. The test takes a short time, and you will get a good analysis of the different components of urine. Therefore, visit St. Michael’s Elite Hospital, a state-of-the-art laboratory, for an accurate and timely urinalysis test. Call to book your appointment today.