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Innovative Beauty Treatments Offered in the Spa

People usually go to a spa for beauty services such as manicures, facials, and pedicures. The modern spa has evolved to offer innovative cosmetic services to clients. Today people who have spa facilities have specialized in aesthetics and dermatology. The specialist offers permanent beauty solutions. For instance, A Beautiful You Medical Spa, located in East Memphis and Germantown, focuses on giving you a youthful look using the latest beauty treatments. Here, you will understand the different services offered at the facility.

  • Hair Removal

If you are tired of doing routine shaving, tweezing, and waxing of the different types of hairs on your body, you should consider laser hair removal. The procedure guarantees permanent results because the laser waves penetrate deep and destroy the hair follicle. You can get back flawless legs, arms, bikini area, back, face, and underarms through the innovative treatment at the spa.

  • Managing Sweat

If you tend to sweat a lot under your arm and are looking for a solution, the miraDry hyperhidrosis treatment is perfect. The sweat reduction procedure allows you to remain comfortable during the day despite high temperatures because it significantly reduces sweating and sweat-related odor.

  • Skin Improvement Procedures

The skin is the most prominent part of the body. If you have wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin issues, you can consider various services offered at the spa. Opus Plasma is a skin treatment procedure that uses radiofrequency to create trauma to the skin, which triggers regeneration. If you have saggy skin, a Clear Lifting procedure tightens your skin and gives you firm and youthful skin. More so, to address scaring, you can get the subnovil plasma treatment or micro-needling procedure that triggers collagen production. Besides, you can get skin rejuvenation which ensures permanent results if you have uneven skin, sun damage, or spots. Also, if you are looking for professional services to peel and cleanse your skin, look no further. The spa offers the HydraFacial treatment and chemical peeling, which help firm, hydrate, and improve your complexion. The spa offers high-quality botox and dermal fillers injections if you are concerned about injectables that boost beauty.

Perfect Body Services

Body contouring services are specifically formulated to help you get the perfect body by getting rid of excess fat. The innovative WarmSculpting procedure allows the medic to use heat to destroy stubborn fat in the selected areas. Maybe you struggle looking at the numerous stretch marks on your body, and you wonder whether there is much you can do. The skin tightening procedure at the spa allows you to remove the stretch marks by using multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Dr. Thompson understands that you have varied beauty needs, and that is why he chooses to start a spa with various services under one roof. A team of highly specialized beauty consultants will work with you to ensure you achieve your beauty goals. The facility offers services approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Call and book your appointment today for any beauty needs you might have.