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How to Plan For a Successful Dental Implant Surgery

Are you missing a tooth or teeth and looking for a functional and permanent solution? Dental implants help you fill the gap with a natural-looking, feeling, and functioning artificial tooth replacement, whether you lost a tooth due to trauma or infection. Temecula implants entail replacing the tooth and the root. The replacement restores your smile, enhances oral hygiene effectiveness, and helps prevent infections and dental complications. The dental implant process can be overwhelming, especially when it is time for surgery. As such, you need to prepare to facilitate better progress. Here are a few tips to help you facilitate successful dental implant surgery.

Follow the instructions

Your dentist will provide some instructions, such as medication to take or pause, like blood thinners. If the surgery requires sedation, the dentist may require that you fast for 12 hours before the surgery. Following such instructions is critical, ensuring you minimize complication risks.

Prepare the body

Besides recommendations like taking antibiotics before the surgery, you should prime your body for the surgery. This includes a healthy diet, adequate sleep before the surgery, and smoking cessation. When your body is ready for the procedure, you minimize the chances of rejecting the implant. You also won’t drag the recovery, which exposes you to many risks.

Have soft food ready

After the surgery, your gums will be lightly sore, lasting a few days. This means you should avoid hard foods, including vegetables. Besides the discomfort, hard food can dislodge the implant, causing pain and potential complication that may necessitate a dentist’s visit. Prepare nutritious soft foods, like fruit juice, pasta, or soup, to last you a few days after dental implant surgery. This way, you will ensure your body is nourished without straining the implants and facilitate better recovery.

Make relevant arrangements

A dental implant is much like any other surgical procedure. This means you need time to recuperate after the surgery. As such, you need to make appropriate plans to facilitate rest. For instance, you should ensure sufficient time off from any strenuous activity. This includes some house chores and a break from your work. Measures like having someone around to help for at least the first three days are recommended. It will help ensure you dedicate more time to caring for the cavity and get enough rest for the body to repair. Scheduling some downtime for aftercare makes it easier to deal with the experiences, including soreness and swelling, with less friction and facilitates better recovery and implantation success. 

Organize a ride home

You will probably be sedated during dental implant surgery, which is reason enough to ensure you don’t drive home. Asking a relative or friend for a ride home is the simplest option, more so since you’ll be much more comfortable.

How well you prepare for dental implant surgery and aftercare impacts the success rate. If your body and mind are not ready and have not optimized the aftercare measures, you are unlikely to enjoy a smooth surgery and recovery. Contact Sunshine Dental, Inc today for all your dental implant inquiries.