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Hiring Pest Control in Leon Valley: Don’t Miss These Red Flags

Exterminator in work wear spraying pesticide with sprayer.

If you have found signs of insects and rodents in your Leon Valley home, seeking professional help should be your first concern. Bugs, insects, rats, mice, and termites are found in almost all cities of Texas, all thanks to the favorable weather. Pest control is not just about killing a few insects or using DIY hacks. You need solutions that work. Not all companies deliver on their promises. If you are comparing Leon Valley pest control services, watch out for these red flags.   

Red flag 1 – The company is offering an estimate on call

Tackling different types of pests requires experience and expertise, and the first step in the process is to inspect the property to find evident signs of infestation. For instance, if a pest control company cannot find termites or bed bugs in plain sight, they may choose to use monitoring devices. Confirming infestation is important as the estimate is based on that. If a pest control company wants to offer a standard price for the work, regardless of other factors, it is clearly a red flag. 

Red flag 2 – The company takes too long to respond

Professional pest control companies often send their representatives and technicians on the same day for the initial discussion and inspection. If you find that a company has no dedicated number for taking calls or didn’t respond to your calls and emails within 48 hours, do not hire them. They need to take your concerns on priority. 

Red flag 3 – The company doesn’t follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices

The purpose of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to focus on the use of environment-friendly products and pest prevention. Companies that follow the IPM approach don’t use chemicals and pesticides indiscriminately. In fact, these firms adhere to the best practices in the industry and take steps to reduce the impact of pest control activities on humans, animals, and the planet. IPM is the gold standard for pest control. 

Red flag 4 – The company doesn’t have insurance

All pest control companies in Texas must be licensed and should have liability insurance. Their workers must be trained and insured. The work of pest control experts involves considerable risks, and if there is any mishap on your property or the technicians end up causing damage to your home, insurance can help cover the expenses. 

Talk to a pest control service today and ask for an inspection and estimate.