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Healthy Tips to Improve Your Sexual Health

It is possible to avoid the health risks and issues related to unhealthy sexual behaviors, including sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy, HIV, among others. Sexual health, however, encompasses more than that. It does not only affect your reproductive health, but it also interferes with your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. It promotes safe sexual activities and satisfying sexual experiences. Suppose you have issues with sexual health in Sandy Springs, Dr. Curby and the team at Wellife Center are there to assist. This piece will give you more insights into sexual health.

What is sexual health?

Various factors contribute to your sexual health, including sexual confidence, pleasure, safety, unwanted pregnancies, among others. These issues also affect your overall health. Every individual has a right to embrace their sexuality and enjoy sexual experiences without fear and safely.

Wellife Center offers sexual health services to enhance your overall health in participating in safe and healthy sexual relations. They hope to promote your sexual pleasure by providing solutions to various sexual health issues, such as low libido.

Factors that affect your sexual health

These are issues that prevent you from enjoying your sexual experiences. They affect your sexual desire, orgasm, and arousal. They include

Physical problems

They are problems, including medical conditions that may interfere with your sexual health, such as hormone imbalance, diabetes, neurological or circulation problems. These physical issues affect your sexual health by causing problems, such as vaginal dryness, pain during sex, and erectile dysfunction in men.

Psychological problems

Our psychological well-being, affects our overall health, including sexual health. Mental issues such as stress, anxiety, or depression interfere with your sexual experiences. Relationship issues may also lower your sexual satisfaction.

In addition, experiences of past sexual abuse or trauma will also affect sexual health.

What are the different sexual health treatments?

Wellife Center offers various treatments to enhance your sexual health.


The team at Wellife Center offers different medications to promote sexual health activities. They offer phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, including Cialis and Viagra for men. The PDE5 prescription may also occur as an injection.

Shock wave therapy

Shock Wave Therapy is an ideal treatment for men with erectile dysfunction. It involves using a type of extracorporeal shock therapy. The treatment works by exerting high-frequency, and low-intensity sound waves in the penis.

It promotes circulation around the penis, enhancing the development of new nerves and blood cells, hence improving sensations and erections.

Shock Wave Therapy also treats Peyronie’s Disease, a curvature of the penis.

PRP shots

Your providers at Wellife Center administer platelet-rich plasma shots into your vagina and penis to enhance your sexual health. It is a form of regenerative medicine that stimulates sensation, blood circulation, and tissue health; hence promoting sexual pleasure and performance.

You may choose to combine the PRP treatment with Shock Wave Therapy for better results.

Hormone therapy

Different issues may lower your hormone production levels, including aging; interfering with your sexual function. Hormone therapy helps restore your hormone levels, enhancing your sexual health.

Sexual health is crucial to your overall wellness. The treatments at Wellife Center are minimally invasive, hence providing instant results with no downtime. Book your appointment at Wellife Center today to enhance your sexual health.