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Fun Facts About Dental Implants

Do you feel bad when you see other people smile knowing that your teeth are incomplete? Or do you struggle when eating hard food since you have some missing teeth and cannot enjoy every meal that comes your way? Worry no more since dental implants in Sunnyvale have come for your rescue. Dental implants will act as a substitute for your damaged or missing teeth. Learn some interesting facts about dental implants before booking an appointment.

They Are Cavity Proof

Dental implants are made from strong materials which are non-corrosive and free from any form of damage. They are made from titanium, a very strong metal that can hold any substance that goes to the mouth. The material is not affected by bacteria that enter into the mouth compared to the natural teeth. For this reason, dental implants are cavity resistant, and therefore your chances of getting teeth fillings or extractions are minimized. However, you have to keep your teeth clean for the sake of the remaining natural ones as they can still get cavities.

Results In a Stronger Jaw Bone

When you get a tooth extraction, the jaw-bone begins to weaken. However, after getting a dental implant, the jaw-bone gains its firmness and becomes stronger. The implant integrates with the bone and bonds together to form a strong combination leading to a strong jaw bone.

They Are Long Lasting

An effective dental implant will last for a lifetime when securely placed on the jaw-bone. When you properly take care of your teeth after the implant, you will not require any other replacement in the future.

They Don’t Require Complex Dental Procedures

Dental implants require minimal surgery and are less painful to perform. They come with minimal risks since they are safe to perform. They do not have any potential risk on the adjacent area since the sedative injection helps you relax during the procedure. The procedure is simple and less painful compared to extracting a tooth. Extracting a tooth is tedious and hurtful since it requires force and pressure.

They Have a High Success Rate

Anybody can undergo dental implant surgery since it has no age limit, and the success rate is always guaranteed. The strength of the implant material makes the dental implant successful and durable. Dental implants will fit your jaw-bone just like your natural teeth and give you the pride of laughing and eating any food without having difficulties.

A good smile is always the best medicine somebody can give you. However, a bad tooth may deny you the luxury of smiling. If you are a victim of teeth problems, you are an ideal candidate and should visit the Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley. The team will help you understand the dental implant procedure before commencing your treatment. They provide a remedy to your problematic tooth and ensure they restore your natural smile. Do not feel shy or be afraid of undergoing a dental implant procedure as it is safe and result-oriented. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation with the team or calling their office today and transforming your pain into a smile.