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All You Need To Know About Foot and Ankle

Feet and ankles support the entire body, and they are exposed to many injuries. Foot and ankle conditions affect the structures in the feet, where there are 26 bones and 33 joints, and ankles with three prominent bones. Mission Viejo podiatry offers treatment options that help in improving your symptoms and managing your foot and ankle pain. We will discuss everything associated with the foot and ankle conditions.

What causes foot and ankle conditions?

 The common causes of foot and ankle conditions are accidental and physical trauma. Some injuries like sprains and fractures happen rapidly. Some injuries such as plantar fasciitis and stress fractures can be chronic and occur gradually. Wearing shoes that don’t fit well can cause conditions like bunions. Other conditions can cause severe foot and ankle deformities.

Risks involved in foot and ankle conditions

The risks involved depend on the specific condition. Playing sports is one of the common risks for chronic and acute injuries involving the foot and ankle. Some medical conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis, which make the bones thin and fragile, contribute to foot and ankle conditions. You can also get foot and ankle conditions if you have a family history of the problem.

Treatment for foot and ankle conditions

Foot and ankle treatment depends on your current condition. The main aim of the treatment is to correct physical problems and improve the symptoms. Physical therapy is highly recommended to accomplish these treatment goals. Medications or foot and ankle surgery can also solve some issues.

Changing footwear can solve some foot problems like heel spurs and bunions. You may also have to use orthotics or pads to improve comfort. If your foot and ankle injury is minor, you can solve the problem with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Possible complications of foot and ankle conditions

Most people heal their injuries without getting severe problems. But some wounds that don’t heal completely can cause complications like instability and pain. Cooperating with your physical therapist can help prevent future injuries and complications. Foot and ankle problems in people with underlying conditions may need follow-up treatments and management.

Symptoms associated with foot and ankle

Pain is the most common symptom of different foot and ankle conditions. The type of pain defers on the state. The pain can be sharp or acute. It can be repetitive or worsen when you do a specific activity. Other symptoms include deformity, muscle soreness, numbness, and swelling.

It’s normal to feel pain as you make some movements with your foot and ankle. But if the activity causes more intense pain, consult your healthcare provider immediately before the condition gets chronic.

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