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Effective Activity Modifications to Ease Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of chronic heel pain mainly experienced by adults. The pain is worst in the early morning hours. It is mainly caused by excess stress on the plantar fascia. It is a connective tissue playing a prime role in linking the heel bone to the toes and even provides support to the arch of the foot.

Many have the misconceptions that plantar fasciitis pain is mainly caused when the person injures the toes or foot. Actually, it is a chronic degenerative inflammation ailment that can be treated by various methods. One of them is to immediately visit nearby skilled podiatrist. You can visit the medical care centre of Dr. SimaSoltani for foot wound care Orange County region. She is a famous podiatrist in Irvine having experience of many decades in treating all kinds of ailments related to the foot. To know in detail about the medical care and contact information visit their website.

More details about the causes of Plantar Fasciitis pain:

It is a common foot health issue that can be experienced at one heel orboth. It is a piercing pain that mostly occurs when you take your first steps in the morning after waking up. The pain felt at the bottom of the foot near the heel makes you tense as soon as you keep your feet down on the floor to walk. It usually disappears while you take more steps however if left untreated may occur again while you are standing or sitting for a long time.  It happens mainly when the plantar fascia ligament is damaged due to inflammation.  This ligament acts as a shock absorber thus supporting your heel while you are mobile.

People who are troubled with obesity and athletes experience the pain more. Chronic plantar fasciitis pain is realized when the ligament has small tears due to constant pressure on the foot. It is unclear the exact cause of the heel pain however, according to medical experts, the cause can be an increase in age. The other causes are doing certain types or strenuous exercises where you stress your heel while doing ballet dancing.

Runners and aerobic sportspeople often complain about experiencing heel pain as they provide more stress to their feet. People who stand for long hours at their workspace experience the stabbing pain in heels. Folks having flat feet or high arch feet often fall prey to Plantar Fasciitis pain.

Fortunately, there are remedies to treat the pain with ease. Physicaltherapy is the simplest method to treat pain.  The Orange County wound care centre staff often advise their patients to do regular exercise as instructed by the podiatrist to gain quick relief from heel pain.

Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis pain:

  • Usage of a night splint helps to support the foot to remain in a normal position.
  • Active release treatment is a kind of massage done to improve blood flow in all parts of the body and to break up the collection of scar tissues in one place.
  • Foot flexes and massages are rated to be quite effective to reduce pain. All you need to do is stretch exercises foot after your wake up several times would help to enjoy heal pain-free day. You can massage your foot arch on the bed before standing as soon as you wake up helps a lot.
  • Towel stretch exercise is another easy to do remedy that reduces heel pain observed in the morning. You can loop a towel around the bottom part of the foot and pull it towards you which helps the foot to stretch well.
  • Plantar fascia stretch helps to reduce pain if done regularly. You can cross one leg over the other while sitting and keeping one leg on the floor. You need to stretch the toes of your raised foot by using your hands.

Stretching exercises involving the arch of the foot and calf lessens the pain. In a few months, you can walk without feeling the pain. However, if the pain persists for many months, then surely you need to consult an expert foot and ankle specialist Orange County podiatrist.

Here are other quick heal home remedies for reducing Plantar Fasciitis pain-

  • Lavender essential oil work wonders. Its anti-inflammatory quality helps to reduce pain. You can add a few drops of it in a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. After a warm foot bath massage the oil on it to enjoy relief from pain.
  • Always choose footwear that is supportive to your foot like having a cushion pad. That helps in reducing the impact of plantar fasciitis inflammatory symptoms. It will be beneficial to wear low heels sandals.
  • Sports footwear should be changed when you start feeling discomfort. Many neglect to change them even after they wear out resulting in the emergence of blisters and eventually it leads to being the cause of plantar fasciitis pain.
  • Applying ice helps when you have foot pain after spending long hours standing.
  • It is best to lose excess body weight to lessen the pressure felt on the foot.

Resting a while after doing many hours of strenuous physical activity will prevent the emergence of Plantar Fasciitis. Thus, it is better to provide rest to your feet a while every day.