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Do You Want To Go For A Facelift? Here Are 5 Questions that Can Help You Decide

You may have started having distinct laugh lines when you are not smiling and your chins are drooping. Or you may feel you are getting older than you would wish now. What should be your next step? Are you in a dilemma about why you should get a Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills facelift

Well, you will achieve successful results. A facelift aims to give you a younger appearance and redefine your look. Before your procedure, consider several things to ensure you make the right choice. Here are questions you can ask to help you decide on your facelift procedure.

Should You Get A Facelift?

You may want a facelift to achieve a younger look and an appealing, rested version of your face. You could have various personal reasons, including wanting to look and feel your best. Whatever your reason, your doctor will help you achieve it as long as you do it for yourself. A facelift aims to improve your physical appearance and refine your appearance for a more youthful look.

What Can A Facelift Address?

You can go for a facelift if you have common aging signs you wish to address. Such signs include midface sagging, lower eyelid creases, excess fat deposits under your chin, double chin, and loose, wrinkled skin. You may also notice reduced muscle tone in your lower face, displaced fat, and creases near your mouth and nose.

What Procedure Will You Undergo During A Facelift?

During your facelift, your doctor will make incisions in front and behind your ear. Next, your doctor will tighten the skin and muscle layer under your skin. Your doctor may alter the tissues below your skin to redefine your facial contour and give you a more desired shape. Lastly, your doctor will remove excess skin before closing your incision with sutures. The procedure will be similar for other areas like your forehead, neck, and cheek.

Are There Bad and Good Candidates for Facelift Procedure?

After a facelift, you may notice changes to your physical appearance. But you may have better results with a good bone structure, jawline, high cheekbones, and a strong chin. However, the procedure may be less successful if you have extra skin from weight loss, a lot of sun damage, and your skin has lost elasticity.

What Should You Bring To Your Consultation Session?

Your consultation session may be the time to bring up questions you may have about a facelift. You can ask your doctor what to expect from the procedure when you need off from social interactions and recovery. Additionally, you can ask your doctor if they can tailor your procedure to fit your skin goals. Your doctor will also inform you of the other procedures you may pursue following your facelift.

A facelift involves making incisions in your skin and removing excess skin to tighten your facial appearance. As a result, you will achieve a less-wrinkled look and younger skin with a radiant glow. A facelift can correct common aging signs, including facial creases, excess fat deposits, wrinkles, and a double chin. After your procedure, you will have an improved appearance that gives you the self-confidence you once enjoyed with your youthful skin. While you are bound to have side effects after a facelift, you will have improvements as your skin continues to heal.