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The essence of marketing research via online surveys

The essence of marketing research via online surveys

Thanks to the world wide web, you can quickly collect data on general business trends, customer characteristics, and competitor and supplier activity. So, let’s consider how to make a survey in the marketing field and its peculiarities.

The place of online surveys in marketing

Today, the Internet space is one of the primary sources for collecting marketing data due to the vast number of users. A company that sells products through the network can see the consumer’s reaction to their product. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to assess the degree of consumer satisfaction and establish requirements and expectations from the product.

The main characteristics of Internet marketing research are:

  • Use of online panels. These can be consumer panels, as well as specialized or business panels.
  • The specificity of the methods of collecting information. The most popular ways to conduct online research are surveys and questionnaires.

How to organize an online survey?

Online surveys allow you to quickly collect unbiased information about a potential client’s likes, desires, and capabilities. A modern businessman no longer needs to turn to marketers to collect such information. The online service will do all the work. The survey service is a cloud constructor consisting of a particular set of elements, including types of questions, data collection mechanisms, and results processing tools. You can easily use platforms like Simpoll to create surveys for free.

With a simple drag and drop, you can quickly create forms of any complexity for online surveys, questionnaires, voting, and testing. The form developer has all the necessary constructs at his disposal, such as several different answers for a field when organizing votes or a built-in check for the correctness of answers when testing. The advanced functionality for customizing the appearance of the questionnaire elements allows you to achieve the most organic integration of the questionnaire into the design of your site.