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Closed Loop Extractors–The Best Solution to Botanical Extraction.

The process of extracting plant-based material is very delicate and needs to be done with caution. So many bio elements can be derived from parts of plants that find their application in a wide variety of fields. Plant extracts are used in making medicines and also in packaged food materials.

One of the main instruments that assist the extraction of plant-based enzymes and other substances is a closed-loop extractor. This type of extractor like LeDab closed loop extractor is the most cost-efficient and environment-friendly product.

What is closed-loop extraction?

The plant leaves or flowers are placed in the column of the extractor and passed with high-pressure solvent that brushes past the plants and washes down the desirable enzymes. In a closed-loop, the solvent is circulated through a vacuum chamber. This prevents the solvent from coming in contact with air. Thus, the solvent can be used again and again in a closed-loop to extract the most out of the substance in the column.

What are the components of a closed-loop extractor?

The main parts of a closed-loop extractor system are:

  • Material column
  • Collection base
  • LP tank
  • Ball valves
  • HVAC Hose
  • Recovery Tank

How does a closed-loop extractor work?

A botanical material is inserted into the material column. Through the top inlet, the solvent is passed through the column at high pressure and controlled vacuum. This will enable the wash down of the hydrocarbons from the botanical material.

Now, this solvent will flow towards the recovery tank where it is recovered in vacuum conditions. The separated extracts will be collected in the collection tank which will later be transferred to containers.

What are some of the best extractors?

The best extractors are those that have a completely sealed vacuum loop that circulates the solvent without ever giving it contact with the atmosphere.

Some of the best extractors are:

  • 30LB Active Recovery Closed Loop Extraction Turnkey System
  • 10LB Mercurius Active Bidirectional Extractor
  • Poseidon Passive Recovery Closed Loop Extraction System
  • 5 LB Athena Bidirectional Flow Closed Loop Extractor

Advantages of Closed Loop Extractor.

  • Low cost
  • Multiple uses
  • Easy to set up
  • High-efficiency extraction
  • Easy collection of extract
  • Low maintenance
  • Portable system

In short, for all your botanical extraction needs, the best viable option you have is to get a closed-loop extractor that can be used multiple times and with minimal solvent. So, be wise and choose an extractor that gives worth to the money you spend on it.