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Wrongful Termination: Get an Employment Attorney

You were fired from the job and are now wondering whether it was a result of retaliation or discrimination. Even though employers can terminate an employee at “will,” they cannot fire someone because of bias or discrimination. Not all employees who are fired or laid off have a valid claim against their respective employers. However, if you have reasons to believe that your termination came from ulterior motives, you must look for an Employment Attorney near me. Here are some facts worth knowing. 

Understanding wrongful termination

If your employer fired you for an illegal reason, it would be termed as wrongful termination, and while this is a broad term, here are some circumstances when doing that is unlawful on the employer’s part. 

  1. Discrimination. If you were fired from the job because of your race, religion, gender, age, nationality, or disability, it is an illegal action. Other protected characteristics include sexual orientation, pregnancy, gender identity, and marital status. 
  2. Retaliation. You may also have a case of wrongful termination that’s related to retaliation. For instance, if you reported sexual harassment or complained about safety conditions at work, your employer cannot use that as a reason to fire you. 
  3. A breach of contract. If your employer’s action constitutes a breach of contract in any manner, you may have a case against them. 
  4. Breach of policy. An employer cannot terminate an employee for exercising their legal rights, such as the right to seek medical leave or vote. 

Why do you need an attorney?

Cases related to wrongful termination are often complicated and require a more aggressive approach. No employer would want to admit that they were wrong, and it is on your employment lawyer to prove things, for which they will independently investigate the matter and look for more details. They will also take appropriate legal steps, and if all comes down to discussing a settlement, your lawyer will be there to negotiate and represent you. Because you are up against a company with vast resources, it makes little sense to file a wrongful termination lawsuit alone. 

Most lawyers who specialize in employment law work on wrongful termination cases on a contingency basis, which also means that you don’t have to pay the lawyer until you recover financial compensation. Also, you don’t need to pay a huge fee to consult an attorney, and therefore, it is always wise to talk to an experienced attorney whether you have a valid case.