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Which Factors Can Make You A Good Candidate For Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure conducted by a cosmetic plastic surgeon in Toronto to adjust the shape of your breasts. Saggy skin is eliminated, and breast tissue is reshaped to lift the breasts. The decision to have breast lift surgery is entirely subjective. Breast lifts can help you regain your confidence. A breast lift procedure can give the breasts a more youthful appearance without increasing or changing their size. In addition, the nipple may be repositioned to provide the patient with a more youthful appearance. The skin around the edges of enlarged areolas can be removed to reduce their size. Incisions are inconspicuously made so that they are not visible.

If you are considering a breast lift but are not sure if you are a good candidate, here is what you should look for:

  1. You are physically fit and have a healthy weight.

A viable candidate for breast lift treatment is close to or maintains their ideal weight. Childbearing, breastfeeding, and significant weight adjustments can cause the breasts to sag again, altering the appearance of your post-operative breasts. If you are still thinking about having children, you should postpone breast lift surgery until afterward.

  1. You like the size of your breasts but not the shape

A breast lift will not significantly raise your breast size or add fullness to the top of your breast. Consider breast augmentation or combining the techniques if you want more contentment and larger breasts. You should also have reasonable expectations for the surgery. You must get the process for yourself, not to please others.

  1. Your breasts are angled downward.

You can be an ideal candidate for a breast lift procedure if your nipples point downward or fall beneath the crease of your breast. For most, the sole purpose of a breast lift is to remove excess skin and restore the plumpness of the breasts, resulting in more aesthetically pleasing breasts. Excess skin can also make swimsuits and bras fit more conveniently.

Who is eligible for breast lifts?

Although men and women have breast tissue, breast lift surgery is typically performed on women. This is because women have a larger volume of breast tissue and prefer to keep it. However, a breast reduction can be performed if a male has excess or sagging breast tissue due to a hormone imbalance, age, or extreme weight loss. This process is similar to a breast lift, but the volume is removed to develop a flatter chest.

The outcome of breast lifts

The look of your breasts will change immediately, but the shape will continue to shift and finally settle over the next few months. Scars will initially appear large, red, and lumpy. While scars are permanent, they frequently shrink in size and turn white within one to two years. Incisions are made in places easily concealed by bras and bathing suits. You may realize that your bra size is slightly smaller than before the breast lift surgery. This is due to your breasts becoming firmer and rounder over time. While maintaining a healthy weight will keep your results, your skin will naturally lose elasticity as you get older, and sagging may occur.

If you consider having a breast lift but want to learn more about the procedure and how it might work for you, call TMB cosmetic surgery or make an appointment today.