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When is the right time to reach out to a dentist in Fort Myers, FL?

The foundation of your general well-being is your oral health. Cleaning your teeth and brushing aren’t the only aspects of oral health. Good oral health also includes an ideal set of teeth and gums that are cavity-free and maintain hygienic oral conditions. All this results in a healthy diet and a range of health benefits. Every person, regardless of age or stage in life, should take their oral health seriously. 

Now you may be wondering when the right time for you to reach out to your dentist is? You might have heard the smart answer to this as: “tooth hurty” (two thirty). As funny as that response might be, it’s not very practical. To maintain good oral health, you need to be consistent in your dental care. If you can, schedule regular checkups. While not everyone can commit to a routine checkup, it is an effective way to identify and prevent problems before they worsen.

If you aren’t sure when it was that you last visited a dentist in Fort Myers, FL, then attend one as soon as possible and continue every six months, or if any of the following issues arise.

Bad Breath

If persistent bad breath occurs despite religious dental practices such as brushing and flossing, this could indicate a more serious condition. Also, if mouthwash and gum fail to effectively eliminate stale or unpleasant breath, you ought to get in touch with your local dentist. 

A compromised immune system

When your immune system is compromised by diseases like diabetes, your mouth may be more prone to infection. As your immune system deteriorates with age, you should visit a dentist regularly, as some infections may be painless and invisible.

Regular smoking

Smoking can severely damage your teeth and negatively affect your oral health in general. In the case of a smoker, it is best to schedule an appointment with your Fort Myers dentist every four months for a checkup to rule out gum disease and see if you have any signs of gum cancer.

Other symptoms

Frequently occurring headaches, neck pain, etc., may be a sign of your dental health or that you are at the beginning stages of some medical issue you need to address.

Final Words

If you or any of your family members are experiencing any of the above conditions, there’s a good chance you’ll require a checkup soon, so call your dentist and schedule an appointment.