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What You Need to Know Before Getting Anti-Aging Treatments

People worldwide are happy with aging until the aging process interferes with their appearance. The facial structure changes and people lose their youthful faces. Do not undergo stress or depression because of the changes that come with aging. The McDonough Ideal MedSpas medical specialists provide various anti-aging treatments. Here is everything you must know about anti-aging treatments before visiting the facility.

What are the signs of aging?

There are aging changes that will gradually increase with time. Decide to get anti-aging treatments if you experience any of these aging signs.

  • The appearance of lines and wrinkles- Lines and wrinkles will begin to appear as you age the appearance will gradually increase. It is a fast sign that you will notice as you age.
  • Uneven skin tone- Some skin parts will be darker than other parts.
  • Dry skin-You will start to notice your skin is dehydrated as you age.
  • Rough skin- The texture of the skin becomes tougher with time.
  • Loss of bone structure- The bone appears to have lost its density, especially along the jaws. Older people thus seem to have lost their bone structure.

Factors that accelerate aging

  1. Failure to get adequate sleep- Medical specialists advise individuals to prioritize six to eight hours of healthy sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Failure to get enough sleep may be the reason why you seem to be aging faster than usual. The skin is repaired during the night as you sleep. Your skin will age faster if you do not get adequate sleep for a given period.
  2. High stress levels- Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol. High stress levels lead to increased production of cortisol. Cortisol destroys the collagen produced in the skin, consequently resulting in aging. Cortisol is essential in keeping the skin hydrated and reducing the formation of wrinkles or sagging skin.
  3. Prolonged rubbing of the eyes- Habits such as frequently rubbing your eyes will accelerate your aging process. The habit eventually results in fine lines and dark eye circles if done for years.
  4. Frequently using your regular bar soaps- Your regular bar soaps contain very harsh chemicals that strip essential oils that keep the skin hydrated. The skin can easily be infected by bacteria, leading to more skin damage causing you to age faster.
  5. Failure to use sunscreen- The sun’s UV rays will cause wrinkles and fine lines if the skin is exposed for a long time. Failure to use sunscreen will increase the skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays causing more skin damage that quickens aging. Habits such as using makeup instead of sunscreen or forgetting to apply sunscreen to body parts such as the hands will cause you to age faster.

Aging is a part of human nature that we cannot control—no need to worry if your habits may be causing you to age faster. Book an appointment with the specialist of the anti-aging treatment to get some of the anti-aging treatments. The specialists will help you decide on the best anti-aging option, such as Fillers, Botox, and chemical peels. Make a call today with the facility to slow down the aging.