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What You Can Expect with an Electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram is one of the tests you can get when considering a complete cardiovascular examination. You might be experiencing some chest complications or symptoms of heart trouble, or you could just be wanting to know how healthy your circulatory system is. All you need is to find a qualified cardiovascular doctor in Tomball and arrange for your examination. Your provider will order an electrocardiogram to measure and record your heart’s electrical activity. The procedure is simple, requiring little preparation, but it is essential to know what you expect. See herein.

Special Equipment Will be Attached to You

Getting an electrocardiogram involves your doctor placing a various number of small electrode patches to your arms, chest, and legs. Generally, your provider might use about ten electrodes depending on the complexity of the information needed. Understand that the electrodes are not harmful and do not emit electricity. The only problem you can experience is itchiness. For men, you might have to shave your chest hair to allow the patches to stick properly. The electrodes are extended to an electrocardiogram machine which records your heart information.

How It Feels

The electrodes themselves are harmless, as mentioned earlier. You will probably feel nothing as your electrocardiogram test is underway. Expect no sensation other than some mild irritation you might experience from placing the electrodes on your skin. You will remain comfortable until the test is over.

Removing Accessories

You must consult your doctor before going for an electrocardiogram so you can properly dress for the occasion. It would help if you left your jewelry at home or removed them alongside other accessories when getting ready for your test, as they could interfere with the readings. Also, you might need to remove some clothing to expose some parts like the upper half of your body to expose your chest and arms. It would be better to wear shorts if possible since you might also have to expose your legs. But your doctor cares about your modesty and will offer you a gown.

Lying Still

The electrocardiogram test requires you to remain to lie without talking, moving, or engaging in any activity that can disrupt the readings. But don’t worry, it will only take a few minutes. Therefore, try to remain calm, breathing as you would at rest, and remaining still until the test is over for more efficient results. Your breathing can also interfere with the results, and you should be careful so that you can improve the accuracy of the test.


After your electrocardiogram test, you should be able to arise and leave once the test is over.  You will not need special post-test instruction since the test is straightforward, but you might not get the results immediately. Therefore, it is crucial to get back your results after a few days. Your doctor will discuss the findings and guide you if other additional diagnostic tests are needed. Before you leave the office after your test, ensure you consult your doctor about relevant follow-up appointments depending on your symptoms. Further diagnostic tests include a Holter monitor test, a stress test, and an event holder.

Your complete cardiovascular examination will involve an electrocardiogram if you have any symptoms relating to your vascular system or heart. Reach out to Cardiovascular Institute, P.A today for more information. You can also book an online appointment, even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, to assess the state of your cardiovascular system.