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What to Know When Considering Treating Plantar Wart at Home

It is natural to develop small raised bumps on the balls of your feet, which can cause pressure and painful symptoms. Anyone can develop the condition, but it is more prevalent among children and teens. Although the growths can disappear on themselves, the Glen Burnie plantar wart specialists recommend seeking expert diagnosis and care before waiting for the condition to fade away or starting self-treatment. You can treat plantar warts at home, which can be more effective if you work with your doctor. Here is what you should know about treating plantar warts at home.

You Ought to Distinguish the Limits of Home Remedies

Several home remedies are effective in managing plantar warts, but they often take a while. Therefore, it might not be a good idea to manage your situation at home if you want the symptoms to go faster. Although plantar warts can disappear on their own, it can take months, and it would be better if you sought medical care. Remember that warts can be painful, and you do not have to endure the pain, which can make it difficult to walk.

Preparing the Plantar Wart for Treatment

You ought to prepare your wart before treatment at home. Generally, soak your foot in warm water for a while to soften the top of the wart. This will make it easier to remove the top layer of the wart using a nail file or a pumice stone. Be sure never to use the stone or the nail file again to avoid spreading the virus elsewhere. Taking the excess skin helps the treatments you are using to get deeper in warts.

Using the Duct Tape

Duct tape should be a crucial tool when treating plantar warts at home. Ensure you cut duct tape the size of the wart as you soften and remove the outer layer of the wart. Place the tape over the wart and wait for six days. Remove the tape on the seventh day and repeat the softening and removal of the top layer once again. Replace the video for another six days. Understand that it might take several weeks for you to experience results. Fortunately, many people have had good results with this method.

Consider Home Freezing

There are several materials and substances you can use at home to freeze your wart. Please consult your doctor on the suitable material for you and get them over-the-counter for the freezing process. You can consider Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away or the Compound W Freeze Off and strictly follow the instructions on the labels. But the freezing process can sometimes be uncomfortable or painful, so you should consider talking to your doctor, who can use local anesthesia to freeze the wart even deeper.

Know When to Seek Expert Care

Indeed, plantar warts can be effectively managed from home. However, there are certain times when physician’s care is necessary. If you realize that the wart is not going away or goes away and comes back quickly, do not hesitate to seek expert help. Also, seek help if the wart becomes larger, bleeding, or red. Also, do not try self-treatment if you have diabetes.

If you are suffering from plantar warts, you ought to talk to the experts first before trying self-treatment. Get in touch with the specialists at Annapolis Foot and Ankle Center for help. Make a call or schedule a consultation appointment online to learn better.