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What is the Real Estate Market Like in Ohio?

Despite the chaos most housing markets in America have been through for the last few years: Ohio has been holding down strong.  Not only are properties still affordable, but they’re also spacious and not dropping in value as quickly as others have since inflation has halted.

If you’re ready to buy a home and aren’t sure where to invest, this is everything you need to know about Ohio.

Things Have Slowed Down

Although 2021 and 2022 left a lot of people burned, the market has slowed to a more reasonable pace.  Instead of fighting and hoping that you’ll be able to get a property or watching homes sell within 48 hours of hitting the market, you can take your time and carefully pick which house speaks to your interests.

If you’re selling, this could be more painful, but for buyers, it’s a dream come true.

More Properties Are Affordable

Cincinnati houses for sale are far more affordable now than they have been since the beginning of 2020.  Although home prices haven’t dropped by a huge amount, they’re not climbing as fast, and many have fallen to slightly more affordable numbers.  This has been a huge relief since some homes have doubled or tripled in price in just the last ten years.  

Focus on Single Family Homes

Single-family homes are the hot ticket in Ohio right now.  Although apartments, condos, and duplexes are great, they’re not the best option for anyone who wants to make the most out of their yard and personal space.  These also generally don’t offer as much of a return on investment as single-family homes have for the last couple of years.

If you’re considering building your own property or creating an investment property, go for a single-family home.

Awesome Work and Education Options

Ohio has seen a massive industry boost in many different markets, which has led to a lot of work and education options skyrocketing with them.  Thanks to higher property taxes and more people living here than ever before, families are able to find schools and jobs that suit their needs better than ever.  The news of this is pulling more people into the state as 2023 progresses.

A Chance to Feel Like You’re Part of a Community

If you’re buying for yourself and you’re worried about finding a home but not liking the community, a lot of Ohio gives you a chance to feel like you’re in a community.  This is especially true in areas like Cincinnati, where people who are new to the site will often ask, ‘why is everyone so friendly here?’.  

This state gives you a chance to own an affordable home in a job market that’s growing and start a life that you want instead of having to struggle paycheck to paycheck to handle the expensive rent of most coastal states. 

Real Estate in Ohio is Stunning

This state has everything from awesome food to fantastic locals and endless room to spread out and enjoy life.  If you’re ready to make a great investment, and a tremendous life change, consider investing in Ohio.