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The Perfect Way To Cook Potatoes For Any Occasion

Potatoes are great for every occasion. Whether mashed potatoes, scalloped, or potato salad you can never go wrong with having potatoes with any other dish. They are a perfect go-to anytime and take lesser time to cook compared to other dishes. Thinking about what to cook everything can be exhausting which is why we made this available to you. If you are thinking of making mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, or any other type, you have to cook the potatoes first. This is why it is important for you to know how to cook potatoes. With this, you will be able to cook any potato recipe of your choice. 

The next time you are planning a family dinner and you have less time to cook, you can simply cook potatoes that will come out looking delicious and palatable to eat. It also saves you from thinking of how to satisfy picky eaters who do not like peas in their meals and are allergic to vegetables. From the different potato types that we have, you can choose the one best for the recipe you have chosen to go with for the day. We have the russet, yellow, white, red, purple to mention a few. The white potatoes are perfect for cooking potatoes because after cooking, they come out looking firm and not marshy compared to others. Red potatoes are also a perfect choice for cooking. 

This is how to cook potatoes perfectly. Get your potato, wash the back of the potato, peel the back and discard. Wash the potato in a bowl or running water, Get a clean pot, put water inside it, and put the clean potatoes in it. If you plan to make mashed potatoes, it will be best to cut them into smaller pieces to make them boil quickly. Add salt and little pepper to taste of you want. Make sure the potato is submerged inside the water. Cover the pot and light your gas or stove. Make sure the fire is reduced and boil your potatoes for ten to fifteen minutes depending on the size. While others may boil for longer like fifteen to twenty-five minutes. 

However, if you choose to cook your potatoes using herbs and meat, it will be best to boil the meat for fifteen to thirty minutes. After the meat is well boiled, you can add your spice to the water. You can also boil the meat a day or two before. You can either add your potatoes to the meat but I will advise that you add your potatoes to a pot of water while you add your meat and the herbs and spices you wish to use. This is because the broth from the meat may be too salty and too much so adding the potato to it, may leave you with salty potatoes. After the potatoes must have boiled for fifteen to twenty minutes, you can bring them down to serve. 

This is how to cook potatoes. You can agree with me that it is simple and easy to understand.