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Signs That You Need to See Your Family Doctor Urgently

Different emergencies can come up at any time for a person. One of the most common is not knowing whether you should see your family doctor or be taken straight away to the emergency room. As a result, it helps if you know what types of symptoms or injuries could mean that you need to seek further medical attention. Here are some signs that you need to visit a family practice physician in Lady Lake.

  • Digestion Issues

If you are experiencing any severe changes in your bowel movements, vomiting, or constantly feeling nauseous, you must see a family doctor. These issues can be signs of many different things, including food poisoning, the flu, or even appendicitis. Even if it is something as serious as appendicitis, which may mean surgery, it is better to catch it quickly and not wait for the problem to worsen.

  • Respiratory Problems

Flu symptoms are prevalent. However, if you have these symptoms for more than five days, it is recommended that you see your family practice physician. Other respiratory problems such as pneumonia may come on very slowly. Still, it will be essential to know the problem early on to treat it properly and quickly. One sign of pneumonia would be a headache combined with a cough.

  • Cognitive Issues

Suppose you are experiencing any sudden changes in your thinking abilities, such as a loss of memory or a difference in your ability to focus. In that case, you should seek out medical attention from a family doctor. While these symptoms could come from stress or lack of sleep, it is essential not to ignore them and see the problem. These types of changes can also be a sign of stroke, brain tumors, or even dementia, so it is essential to see your family physician regularly.

  • Changes in Vision

You should bring any sudden changes in your vision to the attention of your family doctor. Some common examples are blurry vision, double vision, or even losing sight in one eye. These types of issues can also come on very quickly, and you should see a medical professional immediately to make sure that there is no permanent damage already done to your eyesight.

  • Post-Surgery Problems

If you have recently had surgery, you must see your family doctor regularly to check on how everything is healing up. If you are experiencing any unexpected pain anywhere in the surgical area, this could be a sign of an infection or something more serious. It will be essential to seek out medical attention right away to ensure that your body’s healing process is going smoothly.


Any injury that has any form of broken skin should be seen by a family doctor or emergency room right away. This can include cuts and scrapes, breaks in the bones, and even wounds from bullets. Any time there is an opening in your body, there is a risk for infection, and it will be important to know what the injury is to make sure that it heals properly.

In summary, it can be challenging to determine whether you should see your family physician or go directly to the emergency room. The best thing you can do is look at the injury or illness and then compare it to what your intuition says. If something feels off, then it will be vital for you to seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid any serious complications.