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Reasons A Cannabis Advocacy Lawyer Is Your Best Chance To Prevent Jail

Employing a drug crime attorney is probably your greatest chance of evading jail time if you’re contemplating criminal charges for drug possession, use, or sale. A capable Henderson Cannabis Advocacy Lawyer with competent knowledge can assist you in developing a strong case, reducing, or even eliminating your charges. Here’s why you need to get in touch with one, just in case. 

Drugs, even in small doses, can rob you of your freedom

Many individuals wrongly think that the quantity of drugs they were found with determines if they require legal representation or not. For instance, even if it is assumed that you had the intent to distribute less than 25 grams of marijuana, you might still be subject to a $300,000 fine and possibly to 51 months in prison.

A strong case can be made by your attorney

A capable lawyer will be prepared to construct the strongest case for you, given their extensive grasp of drug law and years of expertise. This includes ensuring that all of your privileges are upheld, the evidence is reliable, and none of it has been corrupted or altered.

Your case might be dismissed

If the police searched you without your consent and without a search warrant, or if you were held for an excessive period of time before any proof was located, those circumstances may also result in the dismissal of your charges. If any of these situations occur, your privileges have been infringed, it is a sufficient justification for the lawsuit to be suppressed. Your legal experts will review every aspect of your matter to determine whether you ever found yourself in one of these predicaments.

Your attorney is connected to the prosecution

Even if your lawsuit cannot be dismissed, a knowledgeable attorney may be able to secure a better result than you would on your own. This is due to their familiarity with the prosecutors. They might even have a good connection with somebody and be likely to bargain for a better settlement that lets you avoid incarceration. This is because they would know exactly how to handle their opponent, and what methods they are inclined to use. 

You can safeguard your future

Finally, your attorney will work to safeguard your future. Numerous negative effects on an individual’s later life can result from getting a felony conviction. Your lawyer could be willing to keep it private, get you out of jail altogether, and even help you maintain your job.

Your lawyer could safeguard your interests in the future. All in all, they would protect you from compromising your professional license, as well as being fired from your job, or forced to miss work due to incarceration.