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Platelet Rich Plasma And Dental Implants – How Do They Work?

Dental implants are the options for replacing the missing teeth. These are posts that are made of titanium metal and will be screwed into the jawbone. Their main purpose is to offer the required support to teeth after installation. This procedure is quite popular today because of the benefits it offers for people with the lost-teeth problem because of many reasons.

PRP and Dental Implants

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP is the solution that is created by removing a certain amount of blood from your body. This is the nonsurgical procedure where the native healing cells are injected into the site of damage to help it regenerate new cells in that particular area. This procedure is employed in many procedures that are followed in the dental field.

The PRP therapy will become incomplete or non-successful if there is no usage of the right quality PRP-tubes. You can find the best options by visiting the official webpage of Dr. Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies. They have the right PRP tubes for all kinds of therapies and you can choose one for dental procedures.

Preparation of PRP

This is the first and also an important step while following PRP therapy. The dental experts will first check the sight of damage in your jawbone before deciding whether or not the dental implants work for you. They will then draw the required amount of blood from your body to start the PRP procedure.

  • The required volume of blood will be drawn from the patient’s body and stored inside the blood sample vial.
  • The sample is transferred to the centrifugation tubes
  • The tubes are placed inside the centrifuge machine for isolating platelet-rich plasma from all the other blood components such as WBCs, RBCs, and nutrients.
  • The required Rotation Per Minute (RPM) is set to extract the purest form of platelets that are rich in plasma cells.
  • The resulting solution will be separated with the help of gel separators and transferred into the syringe for further steps.

The syringe that has the PRP solution will be gently injected into the place where the implants will be installed. The main focus of using PRP in dental implant procedures is to reset the ridge augmentations, bone mass, and sinus grafting. The healing technique of PRP will start their work and regenerate new bone as required for strengthening the dental implant.

The Ideal Candidates

PRP therapy will not include any chemical or other such foreign bodies in the procedure. It is the procedure where the blood sample from the patient’s body will be extracted to prepare the PRP solution, and hence the injection will be exclusively for the host of the blood sample. This factor makes everyone a suitable candidate to choose this therapy, as there are no chances of anyone suffering from any kind of side effects after the procedure.

All your doubts and queries about dental implants and PRP procedures will be answered by the dentists that you choose for the procedure. They will walk you through the procedure and can help you clarify all your doubts. Visit your dentist for more information.