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Pedestrian Accidents in Philadelphia: How to Avoid Them

You risk being hurt when walking on the same street as a car or a truck. Tragically, injuries to the head, neck or traumatic brain are frequent outcomes of pedestrian accidents, as are amputations of limbs. Accidents can often be fatal.

People shouldn’t have to worry about how to prevent Philadelphia pedestrian accidents in an ideal world. Sadly, accidents do occur in the real world, but both drivers and pedestrians are capable of taking precautions to prevent one.

Even if you take precautions to prevent them, accidents nevertheless occur. If you suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident in Philadelphia, you might be entitled to compensation for your expenses, lost wages, and other things. Contact personal injury attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ to learn more about your legal proceedings.

How Philadelphians Can Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

To prevent any mishap, drivers must abide by the rules of the road. Drivers must take special precautions to watch out for and protect pedestrians in locations where they are present. Drivers in Philadelphia can avoid these collisions by following these tips:

  • When crossing a street, give way to pedestrians. When the pedestrian starts to enter the crosswalk, drivers must stop. However, be prepared to stop if you observe someone walking toward a crossing.
  • Even if you don’t see a pedestrian, never pass another vehicle stopped at a crossing. You could not see past the other car and run over a pedestrian.
  • At a signalised intersection, obey the traffic lights. At a red light, come to a complete stop. When the light turns green, only start moving.
  • In pedestrian areas, go more slowly. Slowing down makes it simpler to stop if someone darts out in front of you.
  • In bad weather, take it slowly. When roadways are slippery or wet, it can be difficult to stop quickly for a pedestrian.
  • When near school buses and in school zones, use caution. It can be challenging to notice young youngsters. While it is required for cars to stop for school buses and at school crossings, it is advisable to use caution if driving anywhere close to a school where kids might be walking.

In a Pedestrian Accident, Who Is at Fault?

Who is responsible for a pedestrian accident cannot be determined in a generalised manner. Reckless drivers might have caused the crash. On the other side, disobeying traffic laws might also be the responsibility of pedestrians. The results might be terrible either way.

Because every accident is different, determining who was responsible takes a thorough investigation.