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Orthodontic Treatment in Easton: Getting Straighter Teeth and Improved Oral Health

Do you want to improve the appearance and health of your smile? If so, you should schedule an easton free orthodontic consultation. An orthodontist can provide you with a beautiful and confident smile by correcting teeth flaws such as misalignment and crookedness. Through orthodontic treatment, you can have a healthier bite and improved oral health. Aside from straightening your teeth, your dentist will also create the best result without taking too much time. Orthodontists use varying techniques and dental applicants to give you the best smile. 

Purposes of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment corrects teeth alignment, improves facial look, and treats issues with the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. Also, it can prevent gum disease and minimize or get rid of sleep apnea or snoring. These days, people can explore different orthodontic treatment options and work with their dentist to determine the right option for them. 

Common Orthodontic Treatment

The following are orthodontic treatments for people who are not satisfied with their smiles:

  • Dental braces. Braces are a common kind of orthodontic treatment. It can be made of plastic, metal, or ceramic and used for realigning teeth and correcting bad bites. An orthodontist will use brackets and wires for moving and straightening the teeth. Usually, orthodontic braces are used along with other treatments like clear aligners, headgear, and lingual braces. 
  • Clear aligners. These braces are a good option for people who do not want to have visible metal braces. Clear aligners are made of a medical-grade plastic customized to fit the teeth. They can be removed easily for brushing and flossing. Also, they can be used together with other treatments like headgear and traditional braces. 
  • Lingual braces. These braces are meant to be invisible as they are attached to the teeth’s back portion. Dentists can use them along with traditional braces, headgear, or clear aligners. 

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can fix a bad bite, which can lead to problems such as uneven tooth wear, speech and swallowing issues, lopsided jaw growth, and changes to your look. A bad bite can also worsen TMJ disorder, which causes headaches, earaches, jaw pain, and facial pain. Also, it can straighten, gapped, crowded, and crooked teeth. As it makes your teeth easier to clean, it can reduce your risk of tooth decay. Brushing and flossing overlapped, staggered, or rotated teeth is not easy. Gaps between teeth can cause food to be trapped in the open area.