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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Guardian For A Minor

Nobody wants to think about dying while they still have minor children. However, death is inevitable, and it can happen when you least expect it. Along with estate planning, it is essential to choose a guardian for your children and establish their guardianship before it is too late. 

If you do not establish guardianship before you pass away, the decision of who gets to raise your children is then rested with the courts. 

Nobody knows your children better than you, and only you know what is best for them. Therefore, seek a San Antonio guardianship lawyer and complete the guardianship process as soon as possible. However, remember to avoid a few costly mistakes while you are at it. 

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a guardian for a minor 

  • Not thinking long-term. 

The person you choose as the guardian of your children should be a medically fit person who is likely to be around for a long time. However, the person is still human, and it is always a wise choice to have a backup plan. Make sure to choose another guardian to take over if the first one passes away before your children are capable of providing for themselves. 

  • Not telling the people you pick as guardians. 

When choosing a guardian, you should not keep it a surprise from that person. While some may be thrilled and emotionally touched that you chose to trust them with your children, most people are not. You must first consult whether they are comfortable with bearing the responsibility for raising another person’s child and then only initiate the process of guardianship. 

  • Not providing instructions on how you want your children to be raised.

As they are your children, you must want them to have the same core values and beliefs as you. It is not easy to find someone who can oversee your child exactly like you, but a person can come close with the help of a few instructions. Issues about their religion, school, nutrition, etc., should be addressed to make sure they are raised the way you want them to. 

  • Not specifying the names of people you do not want around your child. 

Most people are initially confused about choosing a guardian, but they certainly know who is not fit for the role. You must clarify that you do not want certain people to raise your children. Even if extended family members disagree with your decision, they would not be able to do much about it. 

Choosing a guardian can be an emotionally challenging process. After all, the chosen person would be replacing you as a parent, which is a pretty big deal. For help regarding the legal process and documents, contact an attorney today.