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Grand Junction car crash: Answering top frequently asked questions

Like anyone else, you may have many questions in your mind after suffering injuries in a car crash in Grand Junction. Although unfortunate, auto accidents are reported regularly on the roads of Colorado. Many victims do not get the settlement they deserve, often because they didn’t know how or from where to seek compensation. Regardless of other factors, you should consider hiring a Grand Junction personal injury lawyer for your case. Attorneys are skilled negotiators and can fetch you a fair settlement, depending on the circumstances. In this post, check the answers to commonly asked questions about auto accidents in Colorado. 

Do you need to report the accident?

Yes. Colorado laws require drivers to report auto accidents when injury, death, or significant property damage is involved. In general, it is advisable to call the local law enforcement from the accident scene. Also, wait for a law enforcement officer to arrive. 

Is it mandatory to hire an attorney for auto accident claims?

The short answer is no. If the other driver was at fault, you could file a third-party claim, for which you don’t need a lawyer. However, hiring a personal injury lawyer is always beneficial. As we mentioned, lawyers can negotiate better, and more importantly, if you need to file a civil lawsuit, their expertise will come in handy. 

“What if I was partly at fault?”

Let the attorney know if you believe that you had a share in the fault. Colorado follows the modified comparative fault rule, where you can only sue the other driver if they were more at fault. However, your fault percentage will determine what you get from the given settlement. Let’s say you were given $10,000 as your final settlement but were found to have a 10% share in the fault. You will eventually get $9,000 as compensation because of the modified comparative fault rule. 

“Can I file an accident lawsuit when I want?”

Typically, you will file a third-party insurance claim, and it is always wise to do so at the earliest. If the insurance offer is unacceptable or your case is worth more, you can file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations in Colorado allows three years to file car accident lawsuits, and the clock starts running from the accident date.

There is no denying that car accident lawsuits and claims can be tricky. This is one of the key reasons why you should seek legal representation.