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Learn about various reasons why you may require reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is not only used for medical but also for cosmetic reasons. Usually, some conditions might require reconstructive surgery, including lip or cleft palate. In other instances, you might require reconstructive surgery if you are not confident with certain body parts, usually for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, if you are interested in undergoing reconstructive surgery to help restore the form and function of your body, Dr. Leo Urbinelli Portland provides a solution to all your concerns. He performs reconstructive surgery when you have surgical wounds, after trauma, or during cancer removal. Read on to understand various reasons why you may need reconstructive surgery.

What is reconstructive surgery?

It is a type of surgery performed to restore the function of your body. It also helps boost your self-esteem by improving your physical appearance. It corrects an injury, birth disability, surgery, disease, or tumor in most cases. The primary reason for performing reconstructive surgery can be traumatic, congenital, or removal of tumors from your body.

What are the reasons why you might require reconstructive surgery?

  • Removal of skin after excess weight loss

Once someone has lost excess weight, most people are usually at peace because they are proud of their body shape, and the risk of them suffering from various conditions reduces. They appear fit and healthy because conditions like hypertension usually go away. But too much weight usually stretches your skin, and skin is left loose or sagging. Reconstructive surgery helps get rid of the excess skin, thus, contouring your body.

  • Alleviates physical pain

People with large breasts often suffer from neck or back pain which prevents them from being physically active. For this reason, most people opt for breast reduction surgery which aims at reducing the size of their breasts. Doing so reduces the weight on their chest, thus alleviating back or neck pain they might be experiencing. Breast reduction surgery can be performed in women and men to help reduce the discomfort they might be experiencing when exercising.

  • Help collect congenital disabilities

Several children are usually born with deformities or congenital disabilities like cleft or lip palate. Advanced technology helps correct these deformities by performing some surgeries. Besides correcting the defect, some reconstructive surgeries usually improve your appearance and confidence. Of importance to note is that cleft or lip palate are common congenital disabilities that, if not corrected, make it difficult for children to form words, suck or even swallow. Reconstructive surgery helps one speak, suckle and swallow.

  • Help restore body function

The primary reason for performing reconstructive surgery is to restore the function of various body parts. Mainly, it involves placing devices to help correct the malfunction of multiple parts. These implants or devices are placed where there is reduced movement, including hands, back, arms, and legs. They are specially made to allow for integration. With time mobility is restored after training.

Reconstructive surgery improves your physical appearance and helps correct congenital disabilities like cleft palate. Therefore, if you have any of the above concerns and are interested in undergoing reconstructive surgery, you can get started by calling or booking your appointment at PNW Plastic Surgery today.