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Know Your Rights As An Employee. 

While working at an office, factory, or department, you have a few fundamental rights you deserve, and no one can violate them. Any form of violation of your rights is against the law, and the person violating your rights is accountable for any damages or losses due to it. 

Discrimination, not receiving salary on time, etc., can be regarded as a violation of rights at a workplace. If you encounter any form of violation at your place, an employment lawyer in New Jersey can help you file a lawsuit against the person violating your rights. In some cases, the violation of rights may result in emotional and physical injuries, difficulty to focus on work, and loss of wages. Therefore, a lawyer can help you compensate for your injuries and lost wages. 

What are the rights an employee can receive?

  • The employee must receive a payslip.

A payslip is usually given on the day or before the employee gets their salary. The payslip includes all the necessary breakdowns of the salary, whether they are getting paid for relevant periods, and any tax or insurance has been deducted. Employees can choose whether they want the payslip online or on paper. The payslip should include the total amount of salary before and after the deduction, variable deductions like tax or insurance, and fixed deductions. 

  • The employee should not be discriminated against.

According to the equality law, when an employee is treated unfairly or not equally to another worker, there should be no discrimination based on age, disability, gender, pregnancy, race, and religion. Discrimination can be direct or indirect. Direct discrimination means that unfair treatment occurs because of a genuine reason, like in the case of pregnant women, whereas in the case of indirect if the unfair treatment is not legitimate and targets a specific religion. 

  • Health and safety laws must apply to the working environment.

According to health and safety laws, employers must provide a safe and healthy environment for their employees. These facilities include providing toilets, clean drinking water, cleanliness, adequate ventilation, and equipment maintenance. 

  • Allowance for flexible working.

The workers have a right to ask for flexible working if they are working under the same employer for about 26 weeks, and the employees can make such applications once per year. The document must include dates, details for flexible work, when you want to start, and valid reasons that flexible working could affect the business and how to deal with it. 

  • Minimum notice periods.

It is the period an employer should give to the worker before their employment ends, or the employee provides to their employer before leaving their service.