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Importance of Chin Symmetry

A perfect chin becomes important in a world where people celebrate and adore a perfect image. Social media is the norm of the day, and people often post their images online, intending to get the most likes. Since social media puts pressure on people who may not meet beauty standards, software developers have developed many applications to customize their images. However, at the New York Chin Augmentation clinic, people can get a perfect chin and therefore eliminate the need to post aspirations of how they ought to look. The procedure is recommended for people who feel that their facial image would be better if only their chin looked different. 

Benefits of a Perfect Chin

  • Attractive

A perfect facial image makes one attractive. One can easily get a mate if their appearance is perfect.

  • Definition of beauty

People define beauty differently but appreciate that a perfect shape is more beautiful than an irregular shape. Therefore the public considers a person whose chin is perfectly aligned to be beautiful.

  • Boosts self-esteem 

 A perfectly aligned chin boosts the confidence and self-esteem of a person. A person with a perfectly shaped chin is not conscious of people’s perception when in public. 

  • Friendship

People want to be associated with people who look good. Therefore a person with a perfectly shaped chin will likely attract more friends than a person who has an irregularly shaped chin. 

What Causes Asymmetrical Chins 

  • Issues with an expression of genes

Genes might express themselves wrongly or in the wrong place, therefore, causing a person to have irregular-shaped body features.

  • Chewing on one side 

Some people have irregularly shaped chins because they over-use one side of their jaw to chew. Therefore, people who chew on one side because of dental issues are advised to see a dentist to avoid developing an irregular chin.

  • Injury 

Injury and accidents can cause chin deformation that will last an entire lifetime. 

  • Health conditions 

Some health conditions, such as stroke, cause a person to have an irregularly shaped chin. 

  • Aging

Aging is a sure outcome in life, and it alters a person’s appearance. Thus when one grows old, their face symmetry changes because of wasting muscles. 

  • Botched procedures

When people seek services from inexperienced plastic surgeons, they are at risk of undergoing botched procedures, which aggravate facial asymmetry. 

Details of a Chin Augmentation 

A qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon performs the procedure by either using surgical implants or altering the structure of the face. The surgeon ensures that whichever the case, the patient’s chin size and projection culminate to a perfect face profile.

Make That Call

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