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How Does IV Therapy Promote Wellness?

Many physicians leverage IV therapy to administer essential vitamins and nutrients into patients’ bodies. However, this is not the only application of the treatment. These days, health-conscious people are using IV hydration to maintain their well-being. Here are some surprising benefits of Johns Creek IV vitamin infusion in wellness promotion:

IV drip for weight loss

Consuming certain supplements can promote weight loss. However, it would be best to work with a weight loss specialist to determine what medicines and the proper dosages encourage safety during the weight loss journey. Some of the medications that doctors recommend to patients for weight loss include:

  • Carnitine: This amino acid assists in fat conversion into energy. Although the body can receive carnitine from the diet, some people, like vegans, cannot get enough of this amino acid. IV therapy helps patients maintain adequate amounts of carnitine.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid: This antioxidant contributes to improved metabolism. IV infusion with alpha-lipoic acid supplements is an effective way to boost metabolism and prevent weight gain.
  • Lipotropic injections: The ingredients in this supplement vary, with most containing vitamin B12 and carnitine for fat burn and thus weight loss.

Patients should appreciate that although UV supplement infusion effectively promotes weight loss, incorporating complementary habits like a healthy diet and regular exercise can enhance results.

UV infusion can cure hangover symptoms

The reason alcoholics feel lightheaded the following day after a drinking spree is that alcohol depletes hydration and nutrition from the body. Luckily, IV therapy can help treat hangover symptoms because it can deliver fluids, vitamins, and essential minerals to the blood in a short time.

IV therapy can treat nutrient deficiencies

IV therapy is an option for patients who are too sick to stomach the smell and taste of food. Physicians use IV infusion to administer necessary nutrition to patients who keep throwing up after meals to prevent malnutrition. This strategy is critical, especially since most medications cannot work on an empty stomach.

IV therapy can eliminate toxins and free radicals

Free radicals and toxins can jeopardize healthy DNA and stimulate aging. Patients can counteract this concern through IV infusion involving various antioxidants like vitamin c for body cleansing.  

The IV infusion can boost energy levels

The best explanation for burnout is dehydration and lack of enough energy sources. IV vitamin therapy involves various amino acid supplements that can provide your body with an unlimited supply of natural energy sources without the introduction of unnecessary sugars. Moreover, amino acids not only assist the mitochondria in the conversion of fatty acids into energy but can also help in building muscle.

IV therapy promotes cardiovascular wellness

Various additions, including calcium, arginine, magnesium sulfate, and tri amino, assist in maintaining cardiovascular health. IV infusion involving these supplements can lower blood pressure and relax blood vessels for seamless blood circulation. Physicians recommend IV infusion to patients with erectile dysfunction due to the procedure’s benefit.

Patients should consult with certified physicians to understand the risks of IV infusion before starting treatment. Contact Lenox Medical Clinic if you have questions regarding IV infusion and understand how the therapy can help you achieve your wellness goals.