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Famoid followers and your instagram algorithm – What you need to know?

Instagram’s algorithm is a complex system that decides what posts users see in their feeds and Stories. While the exact details of the algorithm are kept secret, we know that it favors accounts that consistently drive high engagement. There are a few key benefits to buying Instagram auto likes from Famoid rather than other shady sellers on the market:

  • 100% real, active Instagram users – Famoid does not use fake bot accounts or inactive profiles. All of their followers are real people who will view, like, and comment on your posts.
  • Gradual follower delivery – Your new followers will trickle in slowly over days/weeks. It looks natural to Instagram and won’t trigger any red flags.
  • Affordable pricing – For high quality, Famoid’s pricing is very reasonable compared to competitors. They also frequently offer discounts and deals.
  • responsive customer support – Famoid has a responsive support team ready to assist if you ever have any issues.
  • Safe and private – Famoid never asks for your password and keeps your information confidential. Their practices are completely in compliance with Instagram’s terms.

How Followers Impact the Instagram Algorithm?

When the algorithm detects that an account has a high percentage of fake or inactive followers, it will severely limit that account’s reach and discovery. After all, why should it bother showing your posts to followers who will never engage? how can you buy followers on Instagram in 2023? But when you have an audience full of real, active followers from Famoid – it tells the algorithm you’re worth paying attention to. Instagram sees that real users are interested in your brand, so it begins to show your content to more accounts who follow you in the future. It creates a positive snowball effect, where more followers and engagement from real users signal to the algorithm to give you more visibility. Your followers from Famoid get the ball rolling downward on this beneficial path.

Follower count still matters

Many people claim that follower count doesn’t matter – but they’re wrong. Yes, the engagement rate is extremely important. However, a high follower count remains one of the strongest signals of an influencer or brand’s authority and popularity. The algorithm still assigns a significant weight to how many followers you have, even if they aren’t actively engaging. Brands with more followers tend to have more social proof and prestige in the minds of customers. Plus, a larger follower count unlocks features like swipe-up links in Stories. Smaller brands simply don’t have access to some of Instagram’s most lucrative features. While you certainly want to focus on engagement and community building, having a solid follower base opens doors and remains a ranking factor. Famoid followers get your numbers up so you play in the big leagues.