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Effectiveness of CoolSculpting Technique for Fat Loss Elimination

Diet and exercise can help reduce fat in your body, but certain stubborn excess fats may go against this rule. Do not sweat it out, though, because there are physicians who specialize in coolsculpting® Santa Monica who can help you eliminate the excess fat and help you restore that beautiful silhouette.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting may be described as a procedure for getting rid of stubborn fat in specific body areas, a method commonly known as cryolipolysis. This method works by freezing fat, cooling it at temperatures that destroy the fat and being careful to leave your skin safe.

Who can benefit from CoolSculpting?

 You may get CoolSculpting if you have stubborn fat cells in your body parts, including:

  •                     Belly
  •                     Jawline and under your chin
  •                     Upper arm
  •                     Under the butt

This method is not a weight-loss method; your doctor may recommend it for you if diet and exercises still can’t get rid of certain fat. You may not be eligible for CoolSculpting if you possibly have:

  •                     Loose skin
  •                     Poor skin tone
  •                     Anemia that may damage your red blood cells if you are exposed to cold temperatures.
  •                     Raynaud’s phenomenon

This method may not be appropriate if you have rashes, nerve issues, and varicose veins.

What is the side effect of CoolSculpting?

You may experience certain side effects around your body part where the procedure occurs. The symptoms may include:

  •                     Tingling sensations
  •                     Redness
  •                     Stinging and bruising
  •                     Firmness

These side effects may go on for a while after a certain period. You may still be able to drive yourself home after the procedure because there is very little pain. It may also be possible to have skin that may look less smooth after the procedure. You may need to extensively discuss the possible side effects with your doctor before settling for the procedure.

How effective is the CoolSculpting procedure?

This procedure is safe and effective for reducing fat layers and improving your body contour. Various studies have done analyses to check the efficiency of the CoolSculpting procedures. While it may not be 100% effective, CoolSculpting effectiveness may vary highly depending on the person benefiting from it and the amount of fat they may want to lose. But generally, CoolSculpting may be effective for a good population. This procedure may not be for everyone and is just a technique to remove little amounts of extra fat layers. You may need more than just a session to achieve the best and maximum results. Regular appointments with your doctor and many more sessions may greatly work towards giving you the results you so desire and lower your risks of possible side effects.

Do the results from CoolSculpting last?

You may wonder if your results will last after the procedure. Yes, CoolSculpting works to destroy fat cells, and once they are gone, they may never come back. However, if you gain weight after the treatment, you might also gain weight in the treated areas.

If you wish to benefit from the benefits of CoolSculpting, visit Santa Monica today or make your online appointment.