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Debunking the Common Myths about Microshading

Whether lounging on the beach or attending a formal event, you want to feel and look your best. There are numerous ways to feel better about yourself, but medical spa treatments may help you feel better about how you look. Experts agree that grooming your eyebrows is essential to a polished appearance. It is one of the reasons why micro shading Stone Mountain has become popular among those seeking more striking brows. You may finally ditch the eyebrow pencil in favor of this semipermanent alternative.

While microshading is a great option for many people, you may be hesitant to schedule an appointment due to certain myths you may have heard. Here are some urban legends about microshading to keep in mind.

The process is painful

If you have a low pain threshold, you may hear the microshading myth and put off getting an appointment. So there is no need to worry about the pain; you could feel some discomfort, but it won’t be excruciating. Artists specializing in micro shading have extensive training and experience in the discipline. Plucking and tweezing the eyebrows causes greater discomfort. If you can handle the discomfort of a conventional tattoo, you will breeze through the microshading process.

The procedure is irreversible

Microshading is a temporary alternative to permanent cosmetics. It is intended to fade after a while, but it is noticeable for quite a while. That is why it is so fantastic. Because it involves your face, you probably don’t want it to last forever. What if, after five years, you find yourself disliking it? But what if tastes shift? Since the body can naturally break down and absorb the microshading pigments, the effects progressively fade until they are almost undetectable.

Your brows will seem unnatural

Your brows may seem darker than usual for the first several weeks, but the pigment will fade. After that first phase, it won’t stand out since it is made to blend in with your natural eyebrow color.

Microshading will leave scars

Expert plastic surgeons can conduct this treatment with little risk, and the results will be undetectable. Microshading is like getting a tattoo, so you will need to take good care of your brows afterward if you want them to recover correctly. Care for your brows following the advice of your med spa specialist.

After microshading, you can’t wash your brows

Clearing lymph buildup from the brows is necessary for the days after therapy. It would help to keep your brows clean while they recover to prevent infection. Your artist will outline the correct procedure. After the first three days, wash your brows with a moist cotton pad and mild soap once or twice a day. Even if you have been given the “dry healing” method, you still need to clean the affected region.

Whether you are a man or a woman, microshading is a great choice. You may have the most polished and professional-looking brows by having a qualified plastic surgeon perform this cosmetic treatment. Talk to the medical spa about what to do following your procedure. You can have perfect eyebrows and unshakeable self-assurance if you only listen to your surgeon and disregard the urban legends. Schedule an appointment with VitaInfuse Therapy today to get your microshading procedure done.