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Caring About Your Feet and Ankles? – The Benefits of Regular Podiatry Visits

To say the very least, our feet are amazing! Containing a complex system of muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons, this structure enables you to stand, walk, and run, while also sustaining the remainder of your body. Surprisingly, most persons delay obtaining required care whenever they experience discomfort in their feet, ankles, or toes. Today, foot and ankle surgeon Jeffrey McAlister, DPM of Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute, shares some of the reasons why regular podiatric visits are useful. Check out this post to find out more!

They Are Experts in Their Field

Your primary care physician is unquestionably aware of your general health. On the other hand, a podiatrist is a foot specialist and a professional in their subject. They are more knowledgeable about foot dynamics and have completed a rigorous certification process to be a podiatrist. Therefore, you could count on them to assist you in eradicating and relieving the discomfort in your ankles and feet.

During your initial consultation, your specialist will perform a preliminary diagnosis. If necessary, your podiatrist might request CT scans or MRIs to locate the underlying issue. Depending on your diagnosis, Dr. McAlister can suggest pain-relieving drugs, physical therapy, and even perform surgery to correct if your problem cannot be fixed with conservative measures.

They Deal With a Wide Range of Foot Problems

Podiatrists are experts at treating a wide range of foot and ankle problems. Schedule a consultation with Dr. McAlister if you realize mild or significant concerns, including:

  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Hammer toes
  • Heel ache
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Bunions
  • Nail infection
  • Arthritis
  • Flat feet

Remember to see your podiatrist no matter how mild the foot problem might seem. Delaying such a small concern could rapidly escalate into a more prominent issue requiring adequate attention and fixing time.

They Address Sports Injuries with Greater Precision

Sports injuries could be aggravating and incapacitating, requiring you to see a podiatrist. Podiatrists are experts in this field and may provide targeted care to address your concerns so that you resume your sport in the least possible time. They may also advise you on the ideal shoe wear for your specific sport and how to reduce the risk of injury.

They Can Suggest Healthy Lifestyle Changes

A few minor adjustments could sometimes have a significant effect. The same may be said for your ankles and feet’ health. Podiatrists may assist people with discolored, thickened, or brittle nails by giving nutritional counseling and administering topical medications.

Additionally, athletes and people looking to enhance their general health could learn to select breathable footwear and maintain good hygiene. Elderly persons could also discover how to keep their ankles and feet healthy as arthritis and swelling are becoming more common.

They Can Teach You How to Avoid Potential Injuries

Prevention is vital in maintaining excellent overall health and wellness. Even if you do not have any concerns or injuries, seeing a podiatrist regularly could help maintain your feet and ankles strong and healthy. Your podiatrist may inspect your feet and detect issues before they become serious. People with diabetes will profit from regular visits because their podiatrist may detect diabetic-related concerns earlier.

Ignoring a relatively small issue could gradually escalate into a more significant issue that will want more effort and attention to resolve. When was the last time you had your feet and ankles examined? If a year has passed, arrange an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey McAlister through mobile or use the scheduling tool to request online.